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Complications and Risks of Hair Transplant Surgery


January 25, 2024

You will be thrilled to hear that hair transplants have a high success rate, and when it comes to the surgery aspect of hair transplantation there are few complications or risks when having a hair transplant. 

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still investigate what to expect, and rule out any risk factors for yourself. If you want information about potential hair transplant risks and complications, then continue with this guide on what to expect when having hair transplant surgery. 

This guide will cover how to minimize hair transplant surgery risks and complications, as well as offer additional links for you to continue your research on hair transplants. 

Minimize Risk With The Best Hair Loss Medical Clinic 

For starters, before you book your hair transplant, do your online research. Find the best of the best to do your hair grafting procedure. You need to ask questions like: 

  • How many years experience do the hair grafting surgeons have?
  • Has the clinic won any awards?
  • What is their online rating?
  • Do they provide before and after photos of hair transplant clients? 
  • Is hair transplant aftercare offered? 
  • Additionally, ask family and friends if they have any experience with hair transplant providers. 

To help you get started with your hair transplant research, we created the following resource for you: How to Choose a Hair Transplant Clinic.

At Este Medical we offer hair transplant consultations so you can ask all the questions you want with a hair loss expert. It also gives us an opportunity to ask about your hair transplant expectations and hair regrowth goals. Furthermore, we can assess your type of hair loss and if you are a suitable candidate for hair transplant surgery

As part of your hair grafting research, we would like you to know that Este Medical Group has a 5-star Trustpilot rating and our client reviews support our reputation as being one of the safest and best hair transplant providers in the world.    

Reduce Complications By Being A Good Hair Transplant Candidate

Almost anyone can have a hair transplant, but there are some hair transplant candidate criteria that need to be evaluated before any hair grafting surgery.

For instance, for a male or female hair transplant, two things are needed:

  • Enough healthy hair on the scalp to ‘harvest’ and move to the thinning or bald scalp area
  • The ability to grow hair in the treatment area (i.e., hairline, crown, or temples)

Being able to harvest healthy hair follicles from the back or sides of the head, and manually move follicles to the treatment area is ideal for a hair transplant procedure. That said, hair follicles can also be taken from other areas of the body. 

The best way to find out if you are a suitable candidate for hair grafting is to book a hair transplant consultation to discuss the type of hair transplant you want, and if your hair loss pattern supports your goals and expectations. In most cases, there are several surgical options to consider. Send us a message today and let’s start talking about the possibilities available to you! 

At Este Medical in Turkey, we offer the FUE hair transplant, DHI hair transplant (i.e., direct hair implant surgery), as well as unshaven hair transplants, long hair transplants, and Afro Hair transplants.  

Common But Not Complicated Hair Transplant Side Effects 

When it comes to hair transplants, it's common to experience certain physical reactions after the procedure. These reactions are typically part of the body's natural response to surgery and the healing process, rather than being serious risks.

Here are common side effects that can occur after a hair transplant:

  • Sore head
  • Swollen scalp 
  • Scalp feels tight
  • Achy feeling on head
  • Temporary scabbing 
  • Itchy scalp
  • Scalp redness

To recap, the physical reactions to a hair transplant aren't necessarily complications, but most often just common side effects to surgery.

As concerning as some of these reactions might be, they are considered normal outcomes after a hair transplant surgery. 

It's important to follow the hair transplant aftercare instructions provided by your hair surgeon to ensure proper healing and minimize any discomfort.  

Of course, if you experience severe pain, excessive bleeding, signs of an infection, or any other unusual symptoms, it's important and highly recommended you contact your doctor immediately. 

Is Hair Transplant Pain Something I Should Be Concerned About?

At Este Medical, we specialize in hair transplants for men and women, having successfully conducted numerous procedures. We take pride in our extensive experience and are dedicated to sharing our knowledge with you. 

We understand the importance of addressing any worries or questions you might have about managing pain during and after hair transplant surgery. Hair transplants typically involve minimal post-surgery pain and discomfort, as reported by a majority of recipients. Before an Este Medical hair graft procedure, the scalp is numbed using injections or topical lotions, ensuring a painless experience during the treatment.

Este values your comfort. Your hair transplant surgeon will guide you through effective pain management strategies as part of your post-transplant aftercare.

Look at our resource about common myths surrounding hair transplantation, it covers fake facts about hair transplants which often prevent people from learning more about the hair grafting procedure and proven steps to restore hair loss.

Discover If You're Fit For A Hair Transplant With Este! 

Finding out if you are a good fit for a hair transplant is worth your time. Let the hair care pros at Este Medical Group help guide you towards the best non-surgical and surgical treatments guaranteed to rejuvenate your scalp and restore hair growth!  

Ease your concerns about hair restoration surgery with our support. At Este Turkey, we prioritize your peace of mind and decrease your worries by handling every aspect of your journey, including flight arrangements, hotel stays, airport-hotel-clinic transfers, clinic appointments, and additional services like cosmetic dentistry or nose surgery if that is something else you would like to do while at Este in Istanbul. 

Make time for a surgery consultation with Este. It is easy to do, just book one through our website!

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