Breast Reduction

Although breast augmentation surgery in Turkey is the most sought-after form of cosmetic surgery, the size and weight of large breasts can cause great discomfort, among other physical symptoms, for some women. Breast reduction surgery in Istanbul changes the size, position, and volume of your breasts to make them more proportional to your body size.

Patients may suffer from symptoms, including neck and back pain, deep shoulder strap grooving from the brassiere, and skin irritation. Additionally, a woman may be overly self-conscious about her appearance and/or have difficulty fitting into clothing properly.

Breast reduction surgery in Istanbul, also known as a reduction mammaplasty, is a procedure designed to reduce the size and weight of the breasts and to improve the appearance of the nipple areolar complexes.

Why Breast Reduction Turkey?

Here at Este Medical Group, we have a team of experienced plastic surgeons whose primary goal is to ensure personal comfort with body image; many women can feel self-conscious about their large breast size.

During the breast reduction procedure, your plastic surgeon will make an incision that extends from the nipple down to the chest wall and then under your breast. Once the incision is made, the surgeon will remove excess skin and tissue. Remaining tissue is moved to a new position for an even, proportional look. The surgeon then closes the skin around the new breast.

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