Mommy Makeover

The joys that motherhood brings — we can’t deny how amazing parenthood feels. However, pregnancy can also change a woman’s body in ways that can be physically and emotionally disorienting. For some women, exercise and weight loss will bring back their pre-pregnancy bodies, but for others the body has been stretched out so much that it cannot be restored with diet and exercise.

Our elite network of plastic surgeon inside the Este Medical Group network offer Mommy Makeover procedures in Turkey helps repair skin elasticity and the abdominal muscles to overcome physical discomfort and extra stress on the back muscles. It is often a personalized combination of surgical procedures performed by the leading plastic surgeons in Turkey — designed to restore a woman’s body and enhance her physical and emotional health.

Many women from the USA and Europe seek out mommy makeover procedures in Istanbul to utilizes the skills and artistic talents of the most renowned surgeons in the world. The mommy makeover procedure has gained widespread popularity and has become acceptable for women to seek out ways to improve their bodies and psyche after giving so much of themselves to their children.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

  • Abdomen: Pregnancy is a significant strain on the body. Carrying a child can cause the abdominal muscles to pull apart, resulting in a rectus diastasis. This separation of the abdominal muscles results in a visible bulge that also puts extra stress on the back, leading to back pain. An abdominoplasty or tummy tuck in Istanbul removes excess skin and stretch marks and repairs the damaged muscles. The result is a stronger back with tighter core muscles and a flatter stomach.
  • Breasts: During pregnancy, the breast skin can be stretched out so much that it loses elasticity. After breastfeeding, the excess overstretched breast skin can lead to a sagging breast that appears flat and empty at the top with all the breast tissue at the bottom. Several different procedures may be used to restore the appearance of the breasts, including a breast lift. Breast reduction removes excess tissue and skin and positions the breast tissue higher on the chest wall.
  • Liposuction can be used along with abdominal and breast procedures to sculpt the final contours by removing additional fat accumulated during pregnancy. Liposuction is useful an adjunct to other procedures to smooth out the contours, but it cannot remove excess skin that results from loss of skin elasticity after pregnancy.
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