Unshaven Hair Transplantation

Typically, hair loss restoration techniques require the head to be shaved, in order to provide access to the maximum number of hairs possible to harvest from the donor area. Here at Este Medical Group in Turkey, the times are changing.

The hair transplant surgeons at Este Medical Group offer a new, complex hair transplant procedure to suitable candidates.

Unshaven Hair Transplantation, also known as U-FUE is the supreme treatment of hair loss. The undetectable treatment gives patients who do not wish to shave their head the opportunity to restore their hairline in a minimally-invasive, effective way.

Difference Between FUE and U-FUE

What is the difference between FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey and an Unshaven Hair Transplant (U-FUE) in Turkey? With U-FUE, you are not required to shave your head, or any part of your hair, before the procedure — therefore you can keep any hair long you currently have.

Like traditional FUE transplantation, hairs are extracted one by one from a donor area (traditionally the back or sides of the head). However, the U-FUE is far more delicate and requires huge skill on the part of our surgeon to spot the healthiest hairs and ensure they are implanted correctly.

Our expert surgeons at Este Medical Group have many years’ experience in providing this complex method. One of the major benefits of the Unshaven Hair Transplant procedure is the fact that the implants are arranged to match the natural growing characteristics of the existing hair follicles. In addition, the minimally invasive procedure is pain-free, with many patients falling asleep while the procedure is taking place.

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