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Dental Implants Turkey

Our dental implants Turkey treatment makes it possible for anyone to have mouthful of natural-looking teeth — with today’s dental technology there is no reason why anyone should have to hide their smile. Turkey dental implants provide a permanent solution that will greatly improve your quality of life, your confidence, and of course – your smile. If you are already missing one or more teeth, you should consider replacing them with dental implants as soon as possible.

Read on to see how dental implants in Turkey treatments work. If you are thinking about an Este consultation, we invite you to get in touch and arrange one today. Let Este Medical Group help you feel confident to smile every day!

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What are Dental Implants?

Este Medical Group offers a number of dental treatments, such as dental implants and veneers in Turkey. Implants are one of the best long-term solutions for tooth replacement as they help improve bone health, prevent bone loss, and maintain your other natural teeth. Preserving bone in your mouth will also benefit your face, helping it to maintain its natural shape.

Turkey dental implants not only improve your smile, they improve your life! The longer you wait to replace missing teeth, the more bone loss is happening in your mouth, which is bad news for oral health and it can lead to other teeth shifting and further tooth loss.

Dental Implants Before & After

Andrew's Dentistry story with Este Medical
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Feim Gaxha's - Dentistry story with Este Medical
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Ian's - Dentistry story with Este Medical
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Paul Blackley's Cosmetic Dentistry story with Este
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Implants Before and AfterImplants Before and AfterImplants Before and AfterCosmetic Dentistry ResultsIan - Dental Implants before after imagesSamuel Dental missing tooth before after results

Why should you consider Dental Implants?  

One of the main reasons people get dental implants is cosmetic; as having even, well-spaced teeth is flattering for the face, and increases confidence in physical appearance. A well contoured face and a great smile always gets positive attention!

There are many good reasons for choosing dental implants:

If left untreated, missing teeth are likely to impact your overall health in a negative way. Additionally, missing teeth can cause the face to lose volume and the lips to collapse into the mouth area, making you look older. Take action today! Book an Este Dental Implant consultation and let us find the best dental implants Turkey package that works for you.

  • Restore full chewing ability
  • Easier to maintain good oral hygiene
  • Implants keep the jawbone from shrinking due to bone loss
  • Preserve gum health
  • Implants do not damage other healthy teeth
  • Maintain a healthy-looking face shape and volume in the face
What makes FUE Hair Transplant Procedure the most Successful Technique?

How do Dental Implants work?

A dental implant is a screw-like post, usually made of titanium, that fills in for the missing tooth’s root; it is implanted directly into the jawbone beneath the gums. Dental implants function the same as normal teeth, and are a better long-term option than dentures and bridgework.

Once the dental implant is placed securely into the bone, a dental crown will be positioned over it, making the implant look like a natural tooth. It will be matched in size and colour to the surrounding teeth for a seamless smile. Contact Este to talk about dental implants Turkey cost and find out more about how this treatment can benefit you!

The Este Medical Treatment Process

Este’s dental treatments follow a specific series of steps to make sure you are prepared before you leave for treatment in Turkey, and on your return, the Este team will be on hand to follow up regarding treatment aftercare and check-ups.

Virtual Consultation:

In your virtual consultation, you can send photos and chat with our medical professionals, where we can discuss your goals and determine whether your chosen treatment is best matched for your needs, or whether another of our treatments will yield the best results. We will also be more than happy to answer any of your questions or concerns.

Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey

Enjoy a seamless experience with Este as we help pre-plan your hotel and travel arrangements before you arrive. A member of our fluent English team will pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel, and then to the clinic for your surgery. All in breathtaking Istanbul, Turkey.

Expert Aftercare

After your surgery, we’ll get you home with a comprehensive aftercare plan. And we’ll be with you every step of your recovery with ongoing virtual aftercare calls and messages via WhatsApp for up to 1 year to ensure you’re happy with your lasting results

The Best Dental Implants in Turkey 

Here’s why people choose Este Turkey for professional treatments and aftercare.

  • High treatment success rate
  • Free consultation and analysis
  • 24/7 availability and customised aftercare
  • Turkey airport-hotel-clinic transfers arranged
  • Fixed prices on treatments
  • Certified surgeons and private clinic
  • Pain-free experience
  • English speaking staff

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