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Non-surgical nose job

Este Medical Group offers surgical and non-surgical treatments to fix the shape and appearance of your nose in Turkey. Our Este non-surgical treatment is called a liquid nose job because it uses injectable dermal fillers to help reshape and lift the nose. At Este Medical Group, our nose fillers won’t reduce the size of your nose, but they can help to correct minor bumps and dips on your nose in under 30 minutes.  

At Este Turkey we understand the desire to have the perfect nose, and we have the solution to help you achieve your aesthetic goals when it comes to this important facial feature. A non-surgical liquid nose job treatment can help improve facial symmetry and improve your overall appearance. Nose fillers are an excellent alternative to rhinoplasty surgery.  

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How does a liquid nose job work?

During an Este consultation you will find out if a liquid nose job can address your beauty goals. This treatment is ideal for general reshaping; if you want to make your nose look straighter or thinner, lift the tip of your nose, or balance out the shape of the nostrils — this treatment does offer a range of solutions to improving the look of your nose.  

Because this is a non-surgical treatment there are no scalpels or cutting involved. Specific fillers are injected into the nose or around the nose to achieve a desired outcome. Fillers can target bumps or lumps, create lift and volume to improve how the nose looks.

Benefits of a non-surgical nose job

A liquid nose job is a quick procedure that delivers instant results that last a long time.

  • No downtime
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Local anaesthetic
  • Relatively pain-free

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