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Hair Transplant for Women

Women's FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey

For women, the most effective and natural-looking hair transplant is Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE for short. Our hair transplant Turkey women procedure is a life-changing hair loss treatment that many women are choosing to replenish and regrow their hair. Este Turkey’s FUE hair transplantation technique is popular among both women and men as it delivers permanent results and is highly successful.  

Istanbul, Turkey is recognized worldwide as being the ultimate go-to destination for the highest quality hair transplants for women. Our Este Medical Group clinic in Turkey has a solid reputation for providing superior service and a proven track record of successful hair transplants and hair regrowth with our clients. Este’s Istanbul clinic recently went up against 3,000 other transplant clinics in the Best of Year Awards and won first place!  

Our hair transplant in Turkey for women has many benefits — most importantly your hair will regain its volume and look completely natural. Este’s Follicular Unit Extraction technique ensures transplanted hairs grow normally alongside your scalp’s natural hair growth pattern. After an FUE treatment you can wear your hair in any style without worrying about visible scarring.  

An Este FUE hair transplant Turkey women procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and can be completed in a day. There are no scalpels involved, no sutures or staples, no linear scarring, and best of all, no downtime.

The sooner you take action, the more likely you are to prevent further hair loss. If you have questions about hair loss solutions, we invite you to arrange a consultation with one of our experienced Este Medical Group haircare experts. Being more informed will help you choose the right hair loss treatment for you.

Check out these miraculous before-and-after photos of women who have had hair loss treatment, and see for yourself how effective the treatment can be.

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FUE Hair Transplant Before & After

Causes of Female Hair Loss

Baldness and hair loss is typically considered a man’s problem; however, hair loss can affect anyone, regardless of their gender. Unfortunately, more than 50% of females will experience significant and visible hair loss in their lifetime. Female hair loss takes on many forms like shedding, progressive thinning, and bald patches. The most common cause of hair loss is female pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia). Other types of hair loss females experience include: diffuse hair loss (chronic telogen effluvium), severe stress (telogen effluvium), alopecia areata, traction alopecia, and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).  

The extent of hair loss will vary from person to person; here are some factors that can influence female hair loss.

  • Hormonal imbalance: pregnancy and menopause are often associated with hair loss
  • Stress: significant physical/emotional stress has been linked to hair loss
  • Diet: deficiencies in nutrients can affect hair health
  • Vitamin deficiency: low levels of certain vitamins can affect hair loss  
  • Genetics: studies indicate hereditary connection to female pattern baldness  
  • Medications: hair loss can be a rare medication side effect. Some medications, including oral birth control, can contribute to female hair loss
  • Ageing: women over 40 tend to experience increased hair loss  
  • Hairstyle: some chemical hair treatments and hairstyles may contribute to hair loss.
What makes FUE Hair Transplant Procedure the most Successful Technique?

Benefits of FUE Hair Transplant for women

Este Medical Group provides the highest quality treatments delivered by the most technically advanced medical grade tools and devices. Follicular Unit Extraction transplants are popular because each hair is moved one by one, resulting in a completely natural and healthy-looking head of hair. With FUE, there is a higher degree of surgical control when it comes to hair harvesting and transplanting.  

For female clients, the transplant procedure can be more time intensive because women are less likely than men to allow the whole scalp to be shaved. At Este Medical Group, we completely understand that most women want to preserve their hair length and hide the location of the hair donor site (e.g., back or sides of the head).  

For our clients who have this concern, only a small area is shaved to harvest hairs for transplant, so it can be easily covered with longer hair above the donor site once the treatment is complete. Women can count on Este Turkey to provide a discreet hair transplant treatment for their specific type of hair loss.

You will see noticeable results immediately. In just five months, clients experience visible hair growth -  on average 50% hair growth. And within a year, most transplant recipients will experience up to 100% hair growth. An FUE transplant treatment is highly successful.

  • Minimally invasive
  • No scalpels, staples or sutures
  • No linear scarring
  • No downtime
  • Immediate results
  • Natural looking

Este’s Hair Transplant Process

Consultation & Pre-Treatment at Local Clinic

Your hair transplant journey to Turkey starts with a consultation at the nearest Este Medical Group clinic, or online with an Este hair loss specialist. The first thing to do is send us a message through our website and book a FUE consultation.  

As part of the consultation an Este hair loss expert will assess your hair loss type, discuss potential hair loss causes, and recommend the most optimal regrowth treatment and treatment timeline for you. This initial consultation will determine if a FUE hair transplant Turkey treatment is the best option for your type of hair loss.  

Once a FUE treatment has been booked at our hair transplant clinic in Turkey, you will need to undergo some treatment preparation: laser hair regrowth therapy is recommended to stimulate and prepare your scalp for the transplant procedure. Once your transplant is booked you will be fully briefed on what to expect during and after a FUE regrowth treatment.

Transplant Surgery in Turkey

Este Medical Group will look after your accommodation and travel to Turkey. When you arrive to our Istanbul hair transplant clinic, our friendly team will be there to greet you (they do speak English, no worries!). Before the FUE procedure your transplant team will go over the whole treatment from beginning to end, making sure you are once again fully briefed on what to expect. Post-treatment the team will make sure you have all you need to know to continue with your transplant aftercare.  

Treatment begins with a local anaesthetic applied to the treatment areas of the body and scalp. The surgery team will locate and extract hair from a stable zone (also called the donor site) on your body (e.g., back or sides of the head) and transplant these hairs one by one to the treatment area you wish to improve with new hair growth. If you are bald or balding, another donor site like the legs or arms may be able to provide hair for transplanting. This will all be reviewed during your initial consultation. There is no downtime from this procedure, after the treatment is complete you will carry on with your day like any other.

Aftercare & Check-Ups at Local Clinic

After the hair transplant, you can go about your daily business as usual. Since you are in Istanbul, we highly recommend you take some time for sightseeing and eating delicious Turkish cuisine. In Istanbul it is not unusual to see men and women walking around after a hair transplant; it’s considered quite normal in Turkey (nobody even looks at you, as hair transplants are that common).

Once you leave Turkey you will be booked for some hair transplant aftercare at the nearest Este clinic. Depending on the extent of your hair transplant and recovery, you may be booked for specialist hair washing, hair growth maintenance, and laser hair regrowth therapy. Individual aftercare plans may vary from client to client. All Este Medical Group hair transplant clients will receive check-ups and follow-up attention.  

An Este haircare expert will customise for you a detailed aftercare plan to best care for the scalp and new hair growth. This includes a step-by-step first hair wash (on the third day) and a final post-treatment hair wash guide. Este’s transplant aftercare facilitates the regrowth of stronger hair and a healthier scalp.

The Best Hair Transplant for Women

Congrats! You’ve found a winner! Este Turkey won the Best of Year Awards for being the #1 Hair Transplant Clinic.

The Best of Year Awards has strict criteria that Este Medical Group in Turkey had to meet in order to secure the honour of being the best in the business. Our clinic was assessed on quality of care, services, professionalism, hair transplant results and transplant aftercare. Este Turkey is the most sought-after hair transplant service provider in the world.

  • 98% hair transplant success rate
  • Free consultation and hair analysis
  • Turkey airport-hotel-clinic transfers arranged
  • Fixed prices on treatments
  • Certified surgeons and private clinic
  • FUE treatment is pain free
  • Back to work in 1-2 days
  • 24/7 availability and customised aftercare
  • English speaking staff

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