Female Hair Transplant

Male baldness is often hereditary. Men who start losing their hair at an early age tend to develop more extensive baldness. Women often develop a different form of baldness: thinning hair starting at the crown and spreading over the entire scalp. While male hormones play an important role in male pattern baldness, the cause of female baldness is less clear. The fact that many of these symptoms occur during menopause suggests that hormones do indeed play a role.

Female clients considering hair transplant surgery in Turkey want the best possible result and excellent care. Our unique treatment plan at Este Medical Group is unparalleled and no traditional transplant technique can compare. Considering hair transplant surgery?

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Hair Loss Women

Women may experience hair loss, or even baldness, for several reasons. Whatever the cause, the most important thing to realize is that treatment is possible in many cases. A full head of hair is much more than just a cosmetic consideration for most women: it also makes them feel more feminine and therefore more confident.

The ability to shave the hair first and to get a good view of both donor and reception area is never an option in the case of women. The treatment in a woman is therefore often more labor intensive. To extract stem cells, a small area is shaved, which can easily be covered with the remaining hairs after treatment.

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