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Neck Lift in Turkey

At Este Medical Turkey we offer many anti-ageing and cosmetic treatments which improve the appearance of the upper body, including the face and neck. A neck lift will help to redefine and sculpt the neck along its length to the jawline. As we get older, skin on the neck can start to look crepey and proceed to saggy and excessive neck skin. Crepey neck skin and deep wrinkles on the neck easily give away your age, even if you are taking care of your face and the rest of your body. A neck lift is the ideal way to get your neck in harmony with the rest of your anti-ageing efforts and regain a more youthful appearance. This treatment will permanently remove excess skin and fat from the neck and chin, giving the neck a smoother and sculpted look along with a more defined profile. Book an Este neck lift consultation through our website. Let us help you achieve your aesthetic and beauty goals.

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Why Choose Este Medical Turkey? 

Our Este Turkey medical team of certified plastic surgeons all have a minimum of 10 years of work experience. We encourage you to message our Este support team to arrange a professional consultation. Neck lifting surgery will improve the appearance of your neck by removing excess skin and fat and lifting the skin. Depending on your anti-ageing and beauty goals, during a consultation it might be suggested that additional procedures take place at the same time to help enhance and rejuvenate the appearance of your neck and face. For instance, depending on your skin condition and age, a brow lift or eyelid lift might also be ideal along with a neck lift. This is something to discuss during your initial Este consultation about having a treatment in Istanbul, Turkey.

Neck Lift Surgery Benefits 

This lift will enhance the look of the neck and jawline, making it look younger and more svelte. Neck lift surgery is a permanent cosmetic procedure, and will not impact the underlying structure of the neck. It can redefine and contour the jawline making it look shapelier and younger looking. Here are areas of concern a neck lift can address.  

  • Removing excess skin and lifting skin will help sculpt the jawline
  • Skin on the neck will be more tone and elastic
  • Neck and chin fat can be removed using liposuction  
  • Invisible scars, incisions hidden behind the ears and under the chin
  • Smoother looking skin, erase deep wrinkles
  • Increased self-esteem and confidence, wear open neck shirts and blouses again
Hazel's Neck lift story with Este Medical
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How Does Neck Lift Surgery Work?

Neck lift surgery tightens and smooths loose and sagging skin, and may also involve liposuction to remove fat. Here’s a general overview of what to expect. During the procedure small incisions are made behind your ear and under your chin to access your platysma neck muscle. Surgical adjustments are made to this muscle which will help tighten the entire neck area. As skin is repositioned and lifted, excess neck skin is removed. Before incisions are closed, if excess fat removal is part of the procedure (e.g., usually under the chin), then liposuction will take place at this stage. Incisions are discreetly hidden behind the ears and below the chin, so visible scarring should not be an issue.

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