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Lip Lift in Turkey 

Youth enhancing and anti-ageing face treatments like a lip lift are available in Istanbul, Turkey with Este Medical Group. A surgical lip lift is a permanent alternative to lip fillers and will last a lifetime. A lip lift is a minimally invasive procedure that helps to create the appearance of fuller, more feminine and youthful lips. During this procedure the distance between the base of the nose and the top of the upper lip is shortened, shifting the lip up into a more favourable position. Este Medical Turkey offers a range of treatments that will enhance and redefine your lips, book an Este lip lift consultation through our website to choose from our available options.

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Why Choose Este Medical Turkey? 

Our Este Turkey medical team of certified plastic surgeons all have a minimum of 10 years of work experience. We encourage you to message our Este support team to arrange a professional consultation. Lip lift surgery reduces the space between the base of the nose and the upper lip, shortening the philtrum (the natural indent above the upper lip that runs up to the base of the nose). The shortening of the philtrum can make the face look more balanced and feminine, as well the lips will appear fuller and more curled. This procedure can help to lift the corners of the mouth, change the shape and length of the lips, and improve your smile.

Lip Lift Surgery Benefits

Lip treatments have many benefits and will help improve the overall appearance of the face. A lip lift is a permanent procedure that will enhance the look of your smile and make your lips more prominent. Here are some of the treatment benefits.  

  • Fuller more youthful looking lips
  • Reduce the look of lines around the upper lip
  • More defined lip line, a more prominent pout  
  • Improve shape and length of lips
  • Smile looks better, teeth are better seen
  • Face is more balanced, lip area lifted and rejuvenated  

While you are in Turkey for lip lift surgery this is an ideal opportunity to have another face rejuvenating procedure done at the same time. Contact Este to find out what other anti-ageing and cosmetic treatments pair well with a lip lift.

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  • English speaking staff
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How is a lip lift done?

This popular treatment can be done in a day and takes very little time. Here’s a basic overview of what to expect. During the surgery a small amount of skin is removed from the area between your nose and top lip. Then the gap is closed up, creating the needed lift to reposition the top lip and shorten the philtrum. The results will be instant and look even better in about three weeks, as well as natural looking. Find out if this procedure is for you, contact Este to share your beauty goals and treatment expectations.

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