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A company doesn’t stay around more than 25 years by not evolving. Formed in 1994, Este Medical Group, allows patients to compare and book medical, dental, and aesthetic treatments abroad in accredited partner healthcare facilities in over 50 countries worldwide.

The medical tourism giant has successfully progressed in a way that has overpoweringly created quality experiences for medical providers and patients alike. Having fulfilled thousands of patient’s high-end treatment goals, the team at Este Medical Group has contributed tremendously to Turkey’s medical tourism growth and further endorses Turkey as a leading health tourism destination.

Este Medical Group is extremely excited at the prospect of leading the medical tourism industry for many years to come and incredibly proud of what they have achieved since 1994.

Aesthetic clinic turkey

Este Medical Group in Turkey

Our latest endeavor launched in 2018, Este Medical Group in Turkey, which offers advanced treatments for plastic surgery, hair transplant, orthopedics and anti-aging treatments.

Este Medical Group is a full-service group for high quality medical treatment comprising of a team who can provide consults in 9 languages (English, Romanian, Italian, Spanish, German, Arabic, French, Dutch and Turkish). Este Medical Group affords patients from 50 countries the opportunity to access high-quality, low-cost medical treatment in Turkey.

Having only the most reputable doctors on our team, Este Medical Group, aims to offer a seamless and comfortable experience from start to finish, for local or international patients alike, including — Online Consultation (depending on the location, may include an office visit), Travel Arrangements (hotels), Airport-Hotel transfers, and any other requests patients may have (city tours, recovery, etc.).
Our team is committed to offering costs 40-80 percent lower than the UK and many other countries and — there are no waiting times for procedures or surgery.

Aesthetic clinic turkey