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Uneven Gum Line

An uneven gum line, also known as gum asymmetry, refers to an imbalance in the level of gum tissue surrounding the teeth. This condition can manifest as gums that are either too high or too low, resulting in an uneven appearance and affecting the overall harmony of the smile. Uneven gum lines can cause many to feel self-conscious as it can impact their confidence and willingness to smile openly, causing them to seek uneven gum line treatment.

At Este Medical, we recognise the importance of achieving a harmonious and balanced gum line to enhance the aesthetics of your smile. Our skilled dental specialists are dedicated to providing tailored gum contouring treatments to effectively restore symmetry to your smile. Book your consultation today to finally achieve the smile you desire.

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What Causes an Uneven Gum Line?

An uneven gum line can be caused by many factors, such as:

1. Genetics

Genetic factors play a significant role in determining the shape and contour of your gum tissue. Some individuals may inherit a naturally uneven gum line from their parents, leading to variations in gum height and shape across the smile.

2. Gum Recession

Gum recession, or the gradual loss of gum tissue, can result in an uneven gum line. This can happen due to periodontal disease, aggressive brushing habits, or trauma to the gums, as these factors expose more of the tooth surface and create an irregular appearance.

3. Gum Overgrowth

Additionally, excessive gum tissue, known as gingival hyperplasia or gum overgrowth, can also contribute to an uneven gum line. This condition may be caused by factors such as poor oral hygiene, certain medications, hormonal changes, or genetic predisposition.

4. Misaligned Teeth

Misaligned or crooked teeth can affect the contour of the gum line, leading to unevenness in the appearance of the gums. Teeth that are too long or too short in relation to the surrounding gum tissue can create an imbalanced smile aesthetic.

5. Dental Procedures

Previous dental procedures, such as crown placement, tooth extractions, or orthodontic treatment, can sometimes cause changes to the gum line's appearance. Improper healing or tissue trauma during these procedures can contribute to gum asymmetry.

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What are the Benefits of Gum Contouring?

At Este Medical, we treat uneven gum lines with our personalised gum contouring treatment which offers an entire range of benefits, including:

Improved Smile Aesthetics

Gum contouring can effectively reshape the gum line, creating a more symmetrical and balanced appearance. By removing excess gum tissue or reshaping uneven areas, this treatment enhances the overall aesthetics of your smile.

Enhanced Tooth Exposure

Uneven gum lines or excessive gum tissue can sometimes obscure the natural beauty of your teeth, making them appear shorter or disproportionately sized. Gum contouring exposes more of the tooth surface, to show off a more proportionate and attractive smile.

Increased Gum Health

In addition to cosmetic benefits, gum contouring can also promote better periodontal health. By eliminating pockets of excess gum tissue where bacteria can accumulate, our uneven gum line treatment with gum contouring reduces the risk of gum disease and improves oral hygiene.

Customised Treatment

At Este Medical, our experienced dental specialists tailor our gum contouring procedures to suit your unique needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for minor adjustments or more extensive reshaping, we provide personalised care to achieve optimal results every time.

Minimally Invasive

Gum contouring is a minimally invasive procedure that typically involves little to no discomfort and requires minimal recovery time. With advanced techniques and technology, our skilled professionals ensure a comfortable experience and beautiful outcomes.

Long-lasting Results

Following uneven gum line treatment with gum contouring, you can enjoy long-lasting results that enhance the beauty of your smile for years to come. With proper oral care and regular dental check-ups, the benefits of gum contouring can be maintained indefinitely.

Enhanced Self-confidence

By achieving a more balanced and attractive gum line, gum contouring can significantly improve your self-confidence and quality of life. You'll feel more comfortable sharing your smile with the world and showing off your newfound confidence.

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