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Can Females Get Hair Transplants?


May 12, 2023

In Istanbul you see men walking about, shopping, and eating out right after having a hair transplant. Getting a FUE hair transplant has turned into something of a status symbol for males. For women it’s a bit more daunting to parade around in public after a hair loss treatment. That said, hair transplants for women are on the increase, as more and more women realize that hair transplant treatments aren’t just for the boys! 

For both men and women the idea of having a hair transplant treatment has become more acceptable in many countries and cultures. And hair transplant success rates keep going up!  

With hair transplant technology being so advanced these days, females have more treatment options, including having an unshaven hair transplant or a long hair transplant. We hope that gone are the days when women have to hide hair loss under a hat or an expensive wig. 

Because most women are unsure if they can get a hair transplant, and don’t really understand what is involved, we have gathered helpful information about hair transplant questions women want answered. 

But first, let’s take a look at an Este Medical female hair transplant success story! Our Birmingham client Samra chose to share her hair transplant journey so other women could learn from her experience. 

Find Out Why Samra Chose Este Medical For Her Hair Transplant 

Samra chose Este Medical in Turkey for a hair treatment to lower her receding hairline and restore hair volume at the front and the top of her head. 

Her decision to go with a Turkey FUE hair transplant was because her brother had had a hair transplant the year before with Este Medical, and his results were amazing. Based on her brother’s great experience, Samra decided to have her hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey too! 

Samra Keeps Her Hair 

In Samra’s case she didn’t want to cut or shave all of her hair for the transplant procedure. In order to preserve her hairstyle and hide the transplantation of hair follicles or grafts,

Este Medical surgeons shaved a small donor area at the back of her head, but kept the hair above it long and uncut to hide this area where hair follicles were harvested for her hairline. At the hairline surgeons inserted transported hair follicles, but then cut a long fringe (e.g., bangs) to cover the treatment area. 

Samra was happy to have kept her style and longer hair, and it is not obvious, at a glance, that she has had a hair transplant.    

Samra Totally Recommends Este Hair Transplant! 

In this post-treatment video, Samra explains how long the treatment took, how she was treated by the Este Turkey surgical team, and how the hair transplant procedure felt. Samra said she didn’t find it painful, there was only a little discomfort. She ends off by saying she absolutely recommends Este Medical in Turkey!   

Common Hair Transplant Questions Women Ask 

Can females get hair transplants? 

Yes, females can have hair transplants. If men can have them, then women can have them too! The only thing that is a little bit different is that often females don’t want to shave their heads for a hair transplant. Depending on the type of female hair loss, a full head shave is not necessary at all. 

How much hair is cut or shaved will depend on the donor area size, the treatment area size, and the type of hair loss (e.g., female pattern baldness, receding hairline, thinning hair along middle part…). The best way to find out what type of hair loss you are experiencing is to book an Este hair care consultation

Does female hair transplant work?

Yes, both female and male hair transplant procedures work. 

Are female hair transplant successful? Este Medical has a high success rate for male and female hair transplants, and the reason why Este is so successful at hair transplants is because we make sure before your hair transplant that your scalp and active hair follicles are healthy and robust enough for transplantation. 

Here are two extremely popular treatments with women, as they do not involve any hair cutting or shaving as well. 

When it comes to the best long-term results, we strongly recommend one or both of these treatments in conjunction with a female hair transplant procedure. Find out more about these essential transplant preparation and aftercare treatments, book a hair loss consultation today

Does hair transplant work for female pattern baldness? 

Yes, female pattern hair loss is a common indication for hair transplant surgery. Very common for women, androgenetic alopecia, is a hereditary condition that can also be influenced by hormone levels and aging. As women age, hormone levels play a role in hair loss during menopause as estrogen and progesterone levels drop; hair becomes finer and thinner as follicles shrink, hair grows more slowly and falls out more frequently.

The follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant is Este Medical Group’s most popular hair loss treatment. In just 4-5 months clients experience visible hair growth (i.e., on average 50% hair growth). And within a year most transplant recipients will experience up to 100% hair growth. A FUE treatment restores hair by replacing old follicles with new follicles that are still able to grow hair. It’s a successful treatment for female pattern baldness.  

Is female hair transplant permanent? 

Yes, hair transplants are permanent procedures. However, as you age you need to be good to your scalp and hair, and keep your body healthy for the best long-term results. Avoid hairstyles and hair treatments that pull or damage the hair. Keep an active lifestyle and eat a nutrient-rich diet for optimal scalp health and hair growth. 

During menopause you may want to consider regular mesotherapy and low level laser light therapy for hair growth. These treatments later in life will help preserve hair volume and slow hair loss and hair thinning. 

How much does female hair transplant cost? 

A female hair transplant in the USA can cost tens of thousands of dollars. A hair transplant in Turkey will cost a fraction of that, including the expense of accommodation and transportation. Much will depend on how many hair grafts or hair follicles are being harvested. If a larger area is being treated it will affect the bottom line. 

However, when it comes to cost, having a hair transplant in Turkey is considered more affordable compared to the USA or Europe for instance. Let’s consider hair transplant USA vs Turkey costs — consumer reports have data that show Turkey, in general, is the most affordable destination for hair loss treatments, with the highest quality for a hair transplant. 

We have useful tips on how you can research and find a hair loss clinic in Turkey. Another way you can find out about the cost of a hair transplant is arrange a Turkey hair transplant consultation with us today! Ask us all your questions — we are happy to share everything we know about what is involved in female hair transplant. Let us help you reach your style and beauty goals with a gorgeous full head of hair!

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