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Do Hair Transplants Hurt?


May 26, 2023

When men and women consider having a hair transplant, one of the things they wonder about is: How painful is hair transplant surgery? The answer is having a hair transplant performed by experienced, skilled surgeons at a reputable hair loss clinic should not cause undue pain. 

Are hair transplants painful? For the most part, this is not considered an especially painful procedure, because during a hair transplant the scalp is numbed with a local anesthesia. When the topical anesthesia wears off, some people may experience discomfort (e.g., a stinging sensation), which is usually mild. This sensation typically lasts about 24 to 48 hours after the hair transplantation procedure. Many people say they feel no discomfort during a hair transplant at all. 

No matter what type of invasive surgery you are having, even if you have a local anesthetic, you may feel some temporary pain or mild discomfort, because you are awake and conscious during the surgical procedure. Most hair transplant clients report that a hair transplant is not a painful experience, and that if there is any pain, it is considered bearable. 

When discomfort is reported by hair transplant clients, it is usually after the hair transplant, as the scalp adjusts to the hair follicle harvesting from the donor area and the implantation of hair follicles to the treatment area. 

In the 24 to 48 hour period after a hair transplant, if there is discomfort, your hair transplant surgeon should be able to provide you with, or recommend, an effective postoperative pain relief medication. 

Common Hair Transplant Side Effects 

After a hair transplant procedure the side effects are pretty standard, for instance you may experience: 

  • Swollen scalp 
  • Scalp feels tighter
  • Achy feeling on the head
  • Temporary scabbing 
  • Itchy scalp
  • Sore head

These physical reactions are all considered normal and common responses to a hair transplant. After a hair transplant you may experience some, but maybe not all of these side effects. Much depends on the size of the donor and treatment area, and how many hair grafts are moved during a FUE hair transplantation treatment. 

At our Este Medical hair loss clinic in Turkey, we have performed hundreds and hundreds of hair transplants for men and women. We are happy to share our experience with you, as well as address your pain management concerns. Send us a message through our website to book a Turkey hair transplant consultation.   

How Hair Transplant Is Done

During a male or female hair transplant, hair grafts (i.e., hair follicles) are harvested one by one from a donor area on the scalp (i.e., a part of the head not suffering from significant or relevant hair loss) and are implanted into the thinning or balding area of the scalp (i.e., the treatment area). Once transplanted, healthy hair follicles will continue to grow in the treatment area.   

Popular Este Medical Turkey Hair Transplant Treatments:

Why have a hair transplant? The sooner you take action, the more likely you are to prevent further hair loss. If you have questions about having a hair transplant Turkey treatment, we invite you to arrange a consultation with one of our experienced Este Medical hair transplantation experts.

How Effective Is Hair Transplant Surgery? 

Hair transplant surgery has a very high success rate when done by an experienced hair graft surgical team at a reputable hair transplant clinic. 

For instance, FUE hair transplants have a high success rate at around 95% to 100%. This rate works on the basis that a FUE hair transplant is considered successful when anything upwards of 60-70% of hair grafts survive. Plus, pre and post-transplant treatments like Este Medical’s laser light hair growth therapy and mesotherapy PRP hair and scalp treatments will increase that success rate!  

As a result of our successful hair transplant outcomes, we have been awarded the honor of being Turkey’s #1 Hair Transplant Clinic! Este Medical Group has also been acknowledged for being the Most Trusted Multi-Practice Clinic 2022 at the LuxLife awards.

Can I Have A Hair Transplant In Turkey With Este Medical? 

We would be thrilled to help you on your hair restoration journey, as we have helped so many Este hair transplant clients so far. Have a look at the countless 5-star reviews on Trustpilot for customer feedback on Este Turkey hair transplants

At Este Turkey, we do everything first class to make sure our clients are relaxed and pampered — from Este arranging your flight, hotel accommodation, airport-hotel-clinic transfers, clinic appointments, and if you like, add-on services like cosmetic dentistry or cosmetic surgery while you are staying in Istanbul. Contact Este Medical to start planning your hair restoration trip to Turkey! 

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