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What is the Success Rate of Hair Transplants?


March 31, 2023

Hair transplants are no longer considered a risky gamble. Modern hair transplants are incredibly advanced, and the tools and technology used today have resulted in phenomenally high rates of successful hair regrowth for males and females who have undergone hair transplantation surgery.

For many men and women, having a hair transplant is the only way they can regain a natural looking head of hair again. Increasing numbers of people suffering from hair loss are turning to hair transplants to regrow their hair and rebuild their confidence and self-esteem.

How Successful Are Hair Transplants?

Based on current data, a hair transplant performed by a skilled surgeon, at a reputable hair transplant clinic, has nearly a 100% success rate. There are several factors that will ensure a high success rate of hair transplant — a key one being how well implanted hair grafts take root and thrive. Overall your chances of hair transplant success are higher if you take action to prevent further hair loss. 

Murat Before and After FUE hair transplant results

A highly successful hair transplant is when approximately 90% of your transplant hair grafts take root and thrive. Even if this number isn’t fully achieved, a hair transplant can still be considered a success even when fewer hair grafts take root. All successful hair graft growth will lead to an improvement in hair density and volume.

Another factor that can affect the success rate of a hair transplant is the type of transplant surgery. For instance, the FUE (i.e., follicular unit extraction) hair transplant success rate is very high because with a FUE transplant no hair strip is removed, instead hair follicles are transplanted individually. The FUE transplantation technique often results in a 95% to 100% success rate.

To recap, a hundred percent successful hair transplant depends a lot on how many transplanted hair grafts take. For a graft to be viable, it needs to take root and start growing post-surgery. Many people ask before booking surgery: Are hair transplants always successful? The answer is yes, especially if you have your transplant done at a professional hair transplant clinic; the failure rate is much lower, and has been reported at being at only two percent.

Grafts falling out within the first few days of a professional hair transplant are rare. The typical amount of time for transplanted grafts to settle is about 8-10 days. After a few weeks transplanted hair grafts will fall out and new hair will start to grow back from the newly transplanted hair follicle. This is all part of the normal cycle of human hair growth, hair shedding and renewal.

Scalp and hair treatments that should be part of your hair transplant aftercare to help boost the success rate of your hair transplant include: 

Laser Hair Regrowth Therapy
PRP and Mesotherapy Hair Growth Therapy 

Hair Transplant Success: A Holistic Approach

At Este Medical, we have amassed hundreds of client hair transplant success stories. One of the reasons our Este hair transplants are so successful is because of our unique approach to hair transplants.

Discover why Este’s hair transplants are more successful than those at other hair transplant clinics. It’s all about the unique Este Medical Group holistic health approach to ensure maximum scalp health, and Este’s exceptional pre-transplantation preparation and post-transplant aftercare.

Our Este Medical Group CEO and founder, Sam Cinkir, reveals in this video why the Este holistic process is superior. At Este, you will benefit from hair transplant pre-treatments such as laser hair regrowth therapy and mesotherapy combined with PRP to boost blood circulation to the transplant area, which will help to increase your hair transplant success rate.

  • Enhance the hair growth phase
  • Promote thicker hair growth
  • Ensure blood reaches the hair follicles to nourish
  • Increase nutrients and oxygenation to hair follicles
  • Maximize hair lifespan

This holistic approach ensures your existing hair and scalp is treated before and after hair transplant surgery, and is the main reason why we continue to have such a high success rate for our hair transplants in Turkey.

How Do I Know If My Hair Transplant Is Successful?

Every hair transplant recipient will have a slightly different experience, overall it takes 6-12 months to be able to see new hair growth (i.e., increased hair density). In about five months you will begin to experience visible hair growth (i.e., on average 50% hair growth). And within a year most transplant recipients will experience up to 100% hair growth.

For the best results, hair transplant recipients should follow their surgeon’s post-surgery aftercare instructions. At Este Medical, aftercare recommendations for the best results will include laser hair therapy and mesotherapy to boost scalp health and healthy hair regrowth.

What Is The FUE Hair Transplant Success Rate?

FUE hair transplants have one of the highest success rates at approximately 95% to 100%. This percentage is based on how many hair grafts thrive post-surgery; meaning that 60-70% of hair grafts thrive in the transplant area. This is about the same for a crown hair transplant success rate. These are considered excellent results to still achieve optimal hair growth and dense hair coverage.

What Is The Female Hair Transplant Success Rate?

The most effective and natural-looking hair transplant for women is follicular unit extraction. Our FUE hair transplant surgery for women is a life-changing hair loss treatment that many women choose to replenish and regrow their hair.

For females, determining the best hair transplant procedure will depend on the type of hair loss they are experiencing. The best way to diagnose what type of female hair loss you have is to book an Este hair loss consultation.

Women who are experiencing the following types of hair loss are considered good candidates for a FUE hair transplant. 

  • Traction alopecia (i.e., non-hormonal, mechanical damage to hair)
  • Surgery related hair loss (i.e., hair loss at incision areas)
  • Female pattern baldness (i.e., hairline recession, thinning at the crown)
  • Hair loss trauma due to burns or scars

Just as FUE hair transplant surgery is successful for males, it is also considered a highly successful hair loss treatment for females. After having a FUE hair transplant, the hair graft survival rate in female hair transplants is approximately 95% based on available data. For the best results, it is recommended aftercare for women includes PRP combined with mesotherapy to boost optimal scalp health along with laser hair therapy to stimulate an abundance of healthy, thick regrowth. 

Are Hair Transplants Successful?

Hair transplants have very high success rates and will be improved if hair loss treatments are performed at reputable and highly rated hair transplant clinics by experienced surgeons. 

As we covered above, successful transplant outcomes also depend on the type of hair transplant being provided (e.g., FUE hair transplant, DHI hair transplant, long hair transplant, unshaven hair transplant…), as well as how many hair grafts thrive post-transplant. Additionally, hair transplant success will be boosted by aftercare scalp and hair treatments (e.g., laser hair therapy, mesotherapy).

At Este Medical, we are proud to achieve brilliant hair transplant success rates again and again for our clients — because of our exceptional results, Este Medical Group won the honor of being Turkey’s #1 Hair Transplant Clinic, as well as an award for the Most Trusted Multi-Practice Clinic 2022 at the LuxLife awards.

If you are interested in booking an Este Medical hair transplant in Turkey, then send us a message through our website to get started on your journey to restore your hair this year! We are happy to share our hair transplant success rate Turkey outcomes from previous Este Medical transplant clients, plus give you information about having a FUE hair transplant in Turkey at our Istanbul clinic.

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