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Am I A Suitable Candidate for a Hair Transplant Surgery?


December 6, 2023

Now, more than ever, an increasing number of men and women are embracing hair transplants as a powerful solution to halt and manage their hair loss. Long gone are the days when men had to resort to using a toupée or the dreaded comb-over; the same for women, as female hair transplants are much more common now, and can accommodate women who would prefer not to fully shave their heads for the procedure (see unshaven hair transplant).

What Is Required To Get Hair Transplant?

Almost anyone can have hair grafts or a hair transplant. However, there are some hair transplant candidate criteria that will be evaluated before any surgery.

For a female or male hair transplant, you need two things: enough healthy hair on your scalp to move to the thinning area, and the ability to grow hair in that spot. Being able to ‘harvest’ healthy hair follicles from the back or sides of the head, and manually move it to the treatment area (i.e., hairline, crown, temples…) is key when being assessed as a suitable candidate for a hair transplant procedure.

That said, if a candidate for hair grafts doesn’t have an abundance of scalp hair, then the hair transplant surgeon can use hair from other body parts, like the chest or arms. However, the quality of hair, its texture, and growth patterns might differ from scalp hair.

If a hair transplant candidate has chronic telogen effluvium or alopecia areata that will need to be assessed alongside the potential outcomes of any hair grafting surgery, some types of hair loss might be a barrier to transplant surgery. Best to speak to a hair transplant expert and have your type of hair loss professional diagnosed.

Good news! Men and women with defined baldness, thinning hair, or those experiencing hair loss due to scalp injuries or cosmetic procedures usually make excellent candidates for hair restoration surgery.

How Do I Find The Best Hair Transplant Provider in Turkey?

Are you considering hair grafts? Then we strongly recommend you schedule a transplant consultation with an experienced hair transplant provider like Este Medical in Turkey. It is really important to go over your suitability questions and surgery details together to figure out if a hair grafting procedure is right for you.

Let Este Turkey give you the green light to head over to Istanbul for a 5-star hair transplant at our award-winning Turkey hair loss clinic!

To help get you started on your hair transplant journey, we have a guide on How to Choose a Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey, we hope it will be a benefit.

The Best Hair Grafting Methods for the Best Hair Transplant Outcomes

If you are unsure about being a good fit for a hair transplant, it's natural to wonder about how successful hair transplant surgery is. But here's the good news: hair transplants have an impressively high success rate, so you can feel confident about your hair transplant results!

According to the latest surgical data, a hair transplant from an expert surgeon at a trusted clinic (like Este Medical!) has an almost 100% success rate. There are lots of things that help make it work well, especially how those new hair grafts settle in and grow.

At Este, we advise potential hair transplant candidates that taking steps to prevent additional hair loss can significantly boost the success of your hair transplant. That first step is finding out if you are a suitable candidate for hair graft surgery — don’t delay, arrange a hair loss consultation with Este Turkey today!

And as a bonus to having a nearly 100% success rate, hair transplants actually look good these days as a result of hair grafting surgical and technological advancements, as well as continued research about hair loss. For example, a Turkey hair transplant will look like your real hair, like the most natural-looking hair — the era of cringy hair plugs is over!

Even scarring is no longer an issue with sophisticated tools like the cutting-edge Sapphire hair transplant surgical blade, which allows for individual hair follicles (e.g., hair grafts) to be placed more naturally and with greater precision. Sapphire FUE is an ideal hair restoration method for people with limited donor hair on the scalp, as the donor hair follicles can be taken from other areas of the scalp or body.

Este Turkey hair transplant surgeons use the DHI and FUE Sapphire Technique, as the Sapphire tip blades, made from a special gemstone, are sharper, smoother, and tougher than regular steel blades. When used to make incisions during hair transplant surgery, these remarkable blades create smaller and more delicate incisions. With the Sapphire FUE method there is a higher degree of surgical control when it comes to hair harvesting and transplanting for example.

Lots of men and women of all ages are dealing with hair loss and discovering the benefits, ease, and success of hair transplants to bring back their hair and feel better about themselves. You can be one of these people! Book an Este Turkey hair transplant consultation and get started on planning a hair grafting trip to Turkey!

Achieve Hair Success at Este Turkey with Our Outstanding Transplant Methods!

The Este Turkey hair transplant surgery team are skilled experts at harvesting micro hair grafts and implanting them to mirror your hair’s natural growth pattern.

At Este Medical in Turkey we offer several hair transplant treatments including the FUE hair grafting method, DHI or direct hair implant surgery, as well as unshaven hair transplants, long hair transplants, and afro hair transplants.  

Discovering if you're a fit for a hair transplant is totally worth it! In less than a week after the procedure, you'll be back in action with work and your social life. And guess what? In just a few weeks after your hair transplant you will see incredible new hair growth! Book an appointment now with Este Medical Group and begin your hair restoration journey.

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