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What To Do For Hair Loss Female: How to Stop Female Hair Thinning


July 31, 2023

When a woman starts to experience thinning hair loss it can be distressing. Men seem to get all the attention when it comes to hair loss cures, treatments, and online information about male hair loss. Hair loss is a universal condition for both males and females, and the good news is that treatments that work for men, can also work for women.  

Este Medical in Turkey has proven hair loss treatments for balding and thinning hair that work for both women and men including: PRP hair injections, laser hair growth therapy, and female hair transplant surgery.  

To better help you understand your hair loss treatment options read on for information about successful, natural, and non-surgical and surgical hair regrowth female treatments.  

Am I Balding Woman?

At any age, when women start to experience hair loss their biggest worry is that they will go totally bald. However, females don’t tend to go fully bald. Both women and men can suffer from androgenetic alopecia, but unfortunately for men, they are the ones that more often go bald.

For females with androgenetic alopecia (female pattern hair loss) it is a common cause of hair loss for women, not necessarily baldness.  

Do I have female pattern baldness? One way to diagnose female pattern baldness is to check for hair thinning along the part line on top of your head. If hair is thinning mostly on the crown of the head, that is a strong indication of female androgenetic alopecia.  

The best way to determine your type of female hair loss, and what you can expect if hair loss continues, is to book an Este Medical female hair loss consultation.  

How To Help Hair Loss In Women?

The first thing is, don’t panic. There are treatments for most all types of female hair loss, including hair thinning. We have gathered together the most effective hair loss treatments for women to help you better understand your female hair loss treatment options.  

Let’s start with how to help women's thinning hair in the early stages of female hair loss. Hopefully you have had a professional hair loss consultation to determine your type of female hair loss.  

An expert hair loss consultation can help your hair care doctor decide the best way how to fix female hair loss in your particular case.  

For instance, if you are diagnosed with alopecia areata, the best way to treat your alopecia hair thinning most likely will be with PRP mesotherapy, Exciplex, and laser light hair regrowth therapy. If you have alopecia patchy hair loss, then there is a good chance with target hair regrowth treatments, over a period of time, you will be able to restore your hair volume and hair thickness.

Specific to females is polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) hair loss, which can cause hair thinning and hair loss in women. Knowing a hair loss client has PCOS will help determine the best treatment plan for female hair thinning.  

A popular treatment for PCOS hair loss is combining Minoxidil (e.g., topical Rogaine) with laser hair regrowth treatments. Minoxidil has been proven to help promote hair growth: it helps to increase blood flow around hair follicles and stimulate the follicles during their growth phase.  

Laser light hair regrowth therapy can be used for a variety of female hair loss conditions, including PCOS hair thinning and alopecia bald patches. It is a safe, clinically proven hair loss treatment that uses low-level laser light to stimulate the scalp’s hair follicles to trigger fresh hair growth and reduce hair loss. At Este Turkey, we have experience using low-level laser light hair restoration to treat hair loss female symptoms like small bald spots and thinning hair.  

PRP mesotherapy and laser hair growth therapy are two of the best scalp-safe, natural, and non-surgical ways how to stop hair from thinning female scalp and hair issues.  

Samra Has ‘Invisible’ Female Hair Transplant & Nose Filler

What To Do About Female Hair Loss?

There are several excellent female hair thinning and hair loss treatments that are available at our Este Medical Turkey hair loss clinic in Istanbul.  

We recommend before you start on your hair restoration journey you have a hair thinning and hair loss consultation with Este Turkey.  

If it is determined that hair thinning is severe and leading to a receding hairline or expanding patches of missing hair, then a Turkey hair transplant might be the best and permanent option to halt your female hair loss and restore your hair volume and hair thickness.  

Here are hair transplant options we have for females who want hair loss treatment in Turkey. It is safe to have a Turkey female hair transplant. Este Medical in Istanbul has a solid reputation of providing safe, affordable, and quality hair transplants for women, which include these choices:

Find out why more and more women are getting hair transplants in Turkey.  

Natural, Non-Surgical Hair Loss Female Treatments in Turkey

Not every case of hair thinning or hair loss calls for a hair transplant. Consult with an Este hair loss expert to find out what type of hair loss you have before you decide on transplant surgery.  

For many cases of female hair thinning, the best way forward is combining laser hair growth therapy, which is non-invasive and has been approved by the FDA for treating female pattern hair loss (androgenic alopecia) and PRP hair injections that use your body’s own natural platelet-rich plasma to naturally stimulate and reactivate weak hair follicles to increase hair growth in the treatment area (e.g., hair thinning on top of head or bald spots).

Does PRP Fix Thinning Female Hair Loss?

Yes, PRP combined with mesotherapy is a very effective and natural way to treat female pattern hair loss and hair thinning in general. PRP (platelet-rich plasma) hair injections increase blood circulation to the scalp, which stimulates active cellular repair, along with robust hair regrowth. Make an appointment with Este Turkey to start your PRP female hair restoration journey in Istanbul!

Hashia's Alopecia Before and After PRP & Exciplex Treatment
Woman’s Astonishing Hair Growth with PRP Hair Loss Treatment

Do Laser Hair Treatments Stop Hair Thinning?

Non-invasive low-level laser therapy for hair loss does halt hair loss and help with hair thinning, as laser hair therapy works to increase blood flow to the scalp, facilitating the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles, which promotes hair growth. With laser hair regrowth therapy, your hair length and diameter will increase, resulting in thicker hair shafts and better hair volume.

Laser therapy is a proven way to restore hair follicles and quicken the scalp’s natural hair growth cycle to repair the damage done by common types of female hair loss symptoms, including hair thinning.

Turkey Hair Thinning Treatments That Work!

Este Medical in Turkey has an outstanding reputation when it comes to successful hair loss treatments. Take a look at our 5-star Trustpilot ratings! If you are still Googling the question: what can I do for hair loss female? Then you need to reach out to Este Medical and book a hair loss consultation. The sooner you deal with your hair loss, the sooner you will restore your thinning hair.

Stop worrying about, “does anything really work for female hair loss?” Because now you have the answers! There are excellent professional hair thinning and hair loss treatments available for women (i.e., PRP, laser for hair, FUE hair transplant for women, unshaven hair transplant…), all you need to do is get proactive about your hair loss and start treatment before your hair loss condition makes it more difficult, and if you are already suffering from severe female hair loss, then now is the time to start treatment.  

At Este Medical we have seen all types of hair loss, and we know how stressful and emotional it is for both men and women. You have our commitment that we will see you all the way on your hair restoration journey in Turkey. Let us know your concerns and expectations and we will help you to restore your hair loss!  

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