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Top 10 Cosmetic Procedures Trending in Turkey, the Hotspot for Aesthetic Excellence!


March 15, 2024

Beauty Tourism ignites as Turkey takes center stage with the latest Cosmetic Procedures people want! 

The attraction and pocketbook benefits of beauty tourism in Turkey is reaching unprecedented heights, and the trend shows no sign of cooling off. 

Discover the top plastic surgery and aesthetic procedures in Turkey right now. Este Medical in Turkey stands as the premier service provider in Istanbul, specializing in prestigious hair loss solutions, elite body shaping and modification, and first-class rejuvenating skin treatments. 

Come on an empowering journey to learn more about the latest trends in cosmetic procedures, our surgical expertise, and the inspiring success stories of our amazing Este Turkey clients. 

It's time to discover the high-quality service and skilled surgeons of Turkey. You can schedule an Este Medical Turkey hair, body, and skin consultation through our website. 

The Hottest Plastic Surgery Trends Available At Este In Turkey 

Here’s our list of top aesthetic and cosmetic treatments you can have with Este Medical Group. Besides these treatments being highly desirable to have in Turkey, another two trends that are noteworthy are treatments that focus on more natural-looking outcomes, and an increase in males opting to have cosmetic surgery.   

Hair Transplant 

Have you heard? Este Medical is #1 for hair transplants in Turkey! 

In the world of hair restoration, Turkey stands as a beacon for excellence in hair grafting and hair loss solutions. Synonymous with innovation and expertise, Turkey has become the go-to destination for those seeking a successful journey towards personal hair rejuvenation.

Why have a hair transplant in Turkey? 

Turkey hair transplants have a high success rate and are considered very affordable. Based on the latest data, a hair transplant performed by a skilled surgeon, at a reputable hair transplant clinic, has nearly a 100% success rate. Discover why Este Turkey’s hair transplants are more successful than those at other hair transplant clinics.

Explore our Este Medical resources on having a hair transplant in Turkey by diving into the Este blog. We've covered numerous hair loss and hair grafting questions to guide you on your journey to Istanbul, whether you're considering non-surgical or surgical hair regrowth treatments. Book an Este hair loss consultation today! 

Face and Neck Lift 

The lifting of the face and neck is always highly popular with both women and men looking to turn back the clock and fight the visible signs of aging. These days there are so many options to lift and tighten the skin, but the classic facelift never goes out of fashion. 

Modern facelifts and neck lifts are dedicated to achieving the most naturalistic effects, marking a departure from over-lifting. The emphasis now lies in crafting outcomes that are as natural-looking as possible, ushering in an era where subtle transformations take center stage.

Neck and facelift surgery delivers enduring benefits by addressing sagging skin, wrinkles, and skin laxity, providing a long-term solution for a rejuvenated and youthful appearance. Would you like to book a face lifting consultation? Send us a message to get started on your journey to Istanbul, Turkey. 

Dental Implants 

Cosmetic dental work in Turkey is huge! Because cosmetic dentistry is much more affordable in Istanbul, Turkey. Besides dental implants, having dental veneers and dental crowns done in Turkey are also on the rise due to high-quality dental work and affordability. 

Este Medical has a 5-star reputation for cosmetic dental work. We have so many dental implant success stories to share with men and women looking to improve the look of their smile and improve their oral health. Plus, online resources like: How to Prepare for Dental Implant Surgery in Turkey.  

Let Este Turkey help you discover the power of a Smile Makeover to transform your confidence! Book an appointment to have a dental work consultation today! 


The rise in the trend of nose jobs can be attributed to the increasing acceptance of cosmetic procedures, coupled with advancements in surgical techniques, offering individuals an accessible and effective means to enhance facial harmony and self-confidence.

Find out why you should choose Este Turkey for Rhinoplasty


Liposuction remains a popular fat reduction treatment because it is super versatile! It can be done on different parts of the body, like the stomach, buttocks, hips, thighs, and under the chin, making it one of the most attractive cosmetic treatments to remove unwanted body fat in Turkey. 

Este Medical offers VASER liposuction and liposculpture, ultrasound-assisted liposuction treatments to sculpt the body and give it shapely new contours. Schedule an Este Turkey liposuction consultation now! 

Take a look at our Este Guide to Liposuction and determine if opting for lipo in Turkey is the right choice for you.

Breast Augmentation 

Breast surgery serves various purposes, including lifting, enhancing size (classic boob job), and reducing breast size. For many individuals, having breast augmentation surgery in Turkey is a way to increase self confidence and enhance satisfaction with body shape.

Our breast augmentation team at Este Medical Turkey is made up of board-certified plastic surgeons. Reach out to us to schedule a consultation with our skilled and experienced surgeons, ask about Turkey breast implants, breast lifting surgery, and breast size reduction

Lip Lift 

The popularity of anti-aging face treatments is on the rise, with the lip lift emerging as a lasting surgical alternative to the more temporary filler option. This minimally invasive procedure aims to achieve fuller, more feminine, and youthful lips for a timeless enhancement.

Este Medical has treatments to enhance the fullness and plumpness of your lips, send us a message to arrange for a fuller lip in Turkey treatment! 

Fat Transfer 

Fat transfer (i.e., lipomodelling) treatments are experiencing a surge in popularity because the procedure uses your own fat for a more natural look and feel, steering clear of synthetic materials. Fat transfer Turkey treatments might be the best way to achieve more authentic and natural results that resonate better with your true self. 

This treatment is one of the best volume enhancers for the body, as it is able to provide fullness in the lips, breasts, and buttocks for a more youthful and fresh look. Reach out to Este and schedule your fat transfer in Turkey consultation today.

Bichectomy (Buccal Fat Removal)

With slim, snatched-looking faces everywhere on social media and in fashion, it’s no surprise the rise in popularity of buccal fat pad extraction is not slowing down. Refine and slim your face with a bichectomy treatment in Turkey. If excess fat around your cheeks is a concern, consider this fat removal procedure to eliminate unwanted face fat.

Schedule an Este Turkey buccal fat treatment to sculpt your cheeks and define your jawline. 

PRP and PRF Micro Injections 

This is one of those hair loss solutions mentioned above under Este Turkey hair transplants. The increased use of PRF and PRP doesn’t just stop at hair regrowth, it extends to skin rejuvenation and repair too. 

The trend of utilizing a patient's own blood, specifically platelet-rich cells, for hair restoration and anti-aging skin treatments is rapidly gaining momentum. Hair and cosmetic clinics are increasingly tapping into the power of stem cells, ‍exosomes, and platelet-rich injections, contributing to the growing wave of regenerative medicine. This approach is becoming integral in both non-surgical and surgical treatments, such as hair transplants.

Contact Este Medical and discover the power of PRP and PRF injections

Why Should I Try Turkey For Cosmetic Treatments? 

Istabul, Turkey has emerged as the premier destination for diverse cosmetic procedures, thanks to its unwavering dedication to first-class surgical healthcare, cutting-edge medical technologies, and an abundance of skilled surgeons. Couple that with affordable surgery prices, captivating Turkey tourist attractions and wonderful shopping opportunities, it's evident why women and men from around the world choose Turkey as their preferred choice for cosmetic enhancements and the best surgical treatments.  

Este Medical in Turkey will help you to arrange hotel accommodation, private taxi transportation, and even your travel arrangements. This extra commitment to our Este clients ensures their entire experience is not only convenient but also maximally enjoyable and stress-free!

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