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The Power of a Smile Makeover: Transforming Your Confidence


October 20, 2023

What is a smile makeover?

When talking about cosmetic dentistry a ‘smile makeover’ refers to having a makeover for your teeth. In this case, an Este Medical smile makeover refers to dental procedures and teeth treatments that will improve the appearance and functionality of your teeth and smile. 

A smile makeover often involves the following cosmetic dental procedures: dental implants, dental veneers, tooth crowns, and teeth whitening. If you are interested in improving your smile and exploring what options are available to correct discolored, uneven, broken or missing teeth, then continue reading to learn more about how a cosmetic dental treatment in Turkey can enhance your smile and transform your self-confidence.  

Este Medical in Turkey has a stellar track record providing smile makeovers to women and men of all ages. Este Medical Group is a trusted provider of cosmetic dentistry services and other hair loss, body, and skincare treatments. If you want to book a smile makeover in Turkey, send us a message through our website to arrange your dental treatment at our Este Medical clinic in Istanbul. 

Here are examples of Este Medical smile makeover before and after treatments — see for yourself how veneers, dental crowns, and tooth implants can transform a person’s mouth. Imagine how much more confident our Turkey Este clients are with their new and improved smiles! 

Before and After Results
Before and After Results

Why Does A Great Smile Radiate Confidence? 

A dental makeover will transform your smile, because when you feel good about your smile, you are more likely to feel great about yourself in general.

How can cosmetic dentistry transform your confidence and increase your self-esteem? The aim of a dental or smile makeover is to upgrade both the aesthetics and functionality of your teeth, which will help you to achieve the perfect smile!   

A transformative dental makeover can have a positive impact on your mental and emotional wellbeing:

  • Better oral health 
  • Increased confidence
  • Improved self-esteem 
  • Enhanced social life 
  • Increased career opportunities
  • Decreased anxiety about appearance 
  • Improved functionality when eating 
  • Positive body image 

Do you feel it’s time to smile with confidence? Book yourself an Este Medical dental work consultation today!  

What To Expect: Este's Smile Makeover Process

At Este Medical in Turkey, our approach to dental work is personalized and comprehensive. The specific dental procedures involved in your smile makeover will depend on your individual needs and any recommendations from your dentist. Your smile makeover may involve a combination of dental procedures (i.e., veneers, crowns, implants…) to address multiple issues. 

At Este Turkey, we plan in advance of any dental surgery to make sure a full smile analysis is conducted. This most likely will involve a visually smile analysis, as well as X-rays and 3D digital imaging to assess the overall health of your individual teeth, gums, jawbone, and facial structure. When you are an Este client you can expect a full smile analysis and a customized treatment plan that includes dental work aftercare.   

For example, when it comes to dental implants, having a fully prepared treatment plan is essential for the best long-term results. Find out what is recommended when having dental implants and developing your dental work plan for implants.  

Book an Este Medical Group dental work consultation and let’s get planning your smile makeover in Turkey! 

Before and After Results

Este Smile Makeover Success Stories! 

At Este Medical Group we are so proud of our 5-star Trustpilot rating that we maintain across a range of Este services and treatment including dental work. Here is a selection of cosmetic dentistry reviews from Trustpilot, one of the best online review communities that provides genuine feedback from customers.   

“I decided to go ahead with dental implants after an Este smile makeover consultation. The dentist in Turkey was amazing! In all my life I have never experienced such a high level of care. Este helped me get my confidence back, I will forever be grateful! Thanks to everyone at Este, you really changed my life!” says Este client Yaz
“Genuinely excellent process from start to finish with Este. Years of grinding my teeth and a yellow discoloration meant I wanted to get dental veneers. I made it clear that I wanted teeth that looked natural, and Este Turkey delivered. I am really happy with everything, thank you Este,” says dental client Nick Zeb
“I traveled to Istanbul to have dental crowns on my teeth, and Este Medical arranged everything — the service from start to finish was excellent. Transfers from airport to hotel and hotel to clinic were provided and always on time. The process at the Este Turkey clinic was diligent, with the Este dentist paying great attention to detail in terms of what I wanted from my dental treatment. The environment was to the highest of standards, with the vast majority of staff speaking excellent English. I am so happy with my results and this is thanks to Este Medical Group. I recommend them as highly as possible!” says Este dental client Grant

What Is The Importance Of A Healthy Smile?

Dental makeovers almost always address gum and teeth issues (e.g., broken tooth, tooth gap, missing tooth…) that may be impacting negatively on your overall oral health (e.g., tooth decay, gum disease). Improved oral health, as the result of a smile makeover, can positively impact your personal wellbeing, because your oral health is directly linked to your overall health.

A smile makeover can have many health-related benefits including:

  • Better oral hygiene overall 
  • Improved quality of life
  • Better gum health 
  • Restored chewing ability 
  • Keeps jawbone from shrinking due to bone loss 
  • Keeps other natural teeth stable and healthy 
  • Prevents and corrects dental misalignment 
  • Less tooth-related discomfort in your daily life

An attractive, well-balanced, and healthy smile will contribute to a positive body image. When you are feeling happy about your appearance, you are more likely to have a healthier body image and healthier lifestyle, which is associated with better mental and physical health.

Before and After Results

Why Choose Este Medical Group For A Smile Makeover? 

Este Medical has much expertise with cosmetic dentistry in Turkey, our dental surgeons will do a full smile analysis and a comprehensive treatment plan will be created based on your specific needs to put you at ease and make sure you fully understand what to expect from your customized smile makeover.  

Our cosmetic dental team in Turkey has solid experience with dental implants, dental veneers, dental crowns and teeth whitening treatments. Your smile will be in the best of care at our Este Turkey dental clinic in Istanbul. 

Este Medical transforming your smile: let Este enhance your smile's overall appearance to elevate your self-confidence and boost your self-esteem.

Make an online appointment with Este Medical to transform your confidence with a new and improved smile!  

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