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Robotic Hair Transplant vs Manual Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)


November 16, 2023

Why FUE Transplant Technique Has Better Advantages Than Robotic Hair Transplants

FUE hair transplants done by hand, and ARTAS robotic hair transplants aided by a robot arm and an optical guidance system, are both capable of treating female and male hair loss.

However, the FUE hair transplant method tends to surpass the robotic alternative when it comes to natural-looking results, precision, and a seamless hair transplant experience. 

If you are considering a hair transplant in Turkey, it is a good idea to know why FUE hair transplants work out better. 

Manual hair transplant procedures, like FUE and DHI, offer several unique benefits over robotic ones:

  • Precision and Artistry: Transplants by hand allow the surgeon to precisely control the angle, depth, and placement of each hair follicle, ensuring a more natural and artistic result that aligns with the patient's hair growth pattern.  
  • Adaptability: Skilled surgeons can adjust their techniques based on a patient's specific needs, providing a personalized approach that might not be as flexible with robotic procedures.  
  • Selective Harvesting: Manual techniques often involve selective harvesting of donor hair, which can minimize damage to existing hair follicles and optimize the use of limited donor hair.  
  • Surgical Expertise: Surgeons performing manual transplants rely on their experience, skill, and tactile feedback during the procedure, allowing for real-time adjustments and a higher level of precision compared to automated robotic procedures.

During an Este Turkey FUE transplant, our highly skilled and experienced hair surgeons use the cutting-edge Sapphire hair transplant surgical blade, which allows for individual hair follicles (e.g., hair grafts) to be placed more naturally and with greater precision. Sapphire FUE is an ideal hair restoration method for people with limited donor hair, as the donor hair follicles can be taken from other areas of the scalp or body. 

Manual hair transplants (i.e., by hand), specifically the FUE Sapphire Technique, have advantages over the robotic alternative. For instance, Sapphire tip blades, made from a special gemstone, are sharper, smoother, and tougher than regular steel blades.

When used to make cuts during manual hair transplant surgery, these blades create smaller and more delicate incisions. With the Sapphire FUE manual method there is a higher degree of surgical control when it comes to hair harvesting and transplanting.

Limitations and Disadvantages of Robotic Hair Transplants 

One common misconception about robotic hair transplants is that they guarantee superior results due to their automated nature. While some robotic surgical procedures may offer precision and efficiency, success ultimately depends on various human factors, like the hair surgeon's expertise, a patient's suitability, and the overall treatment and aftercare plan. 

Robotic technology alone cannot ensure the success of a hair transplant. Here are some drawbacks to having a robotic hair restoration treatment: 

  • Robotic hair method better suited to straight dark hair, not effective on white/light hair, or overly curly or textured hair
  • ARTAS prevents extending the donor area if patient has limited donor hair at the sides and back of the head
  • Potential nerve injury in the donor area of the scalp
  • More expensive than manual hair graft transplants
  • The robot may miss hair grafts, but a real life surgeon will see a missing graft
  • This technique may not look very natural
  • Robotic transplant is being used less and less by hair loss specialists 

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When it comes to FUE vs robotic, we can’t emphasize enough the crucial role of skilled surgical hands and personalized care in achieving optimal outcomes. 

According to the latest data, when a skilled surgeon performs a transplant at a reputable clinic, the hair transplant success rate is nearly 100%. 

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