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Hair Transplants for Women: Restoring Confidence and Beauty


November 10, 2023

What options do women have when it comes to dramatic hair loss and extensive hair thinning? The truth is women with hair loss do have many options to restore hair growth and their confidence. 

As the demand continues to soar for hair restoration solutions, particularly fueled by the success of male hair transplant procedures, female hair transplants have seen increased success due to the expanding array of options available for women (e.g., unshaven hair transplant, long hair transplant). 

Advancements in technology and techniques now provide women with more tailored and effective hair restoration solutions, contributing to the growing success of female hair transplantation procedures.

Can Women Have Hair Transplants? 

Female hair loss is just as traumatic as male hair loss, as an exposed scalp, bald spots, and a receding hairline can have a negative impact on self-esteem and feelings about body positivity.  

Women can have hair transplants. As mentioned above, advancements in hair transplant technology have made it increasingly successful and accessible for women, providing effective solutions to address various hair loss concerns due to alopecia, menopause, PCOS, and female pattern hair loss

If you are considering a female hair transplant, then you are not alone — many women have experienced positive success and restored confidence as a result of a hair transplant for woman.

Find out how hair transplants for women can help to restore beauty and feminine confidence. Female hair transplants are just one of the many options women have available to regrow hair at any age. 

Send us a message through our website to book a free female hair transplant consultation with one of our hair loss experts. Find out if you are a good candidate for a hair transplant for women. 

What Hair Transplant Options Do Women Have?

At Este Medical in Turkey we offer several hair transplant options for women, including: 

Popular with women are the unshaven and long hair transplants, as these procedures use methods that avoid the full head being shaved (whole head shaving is common in male hair transplant procedures). 

There are reasons why women don’t want to shave their head in order to have a hair transplant. For instance, some ladies would like to keep their hair transplant treatment private, and others might feel uncomfortable with a greatly visible change to their hairstyle and personal appearance.

Whatever your motivation for having a hair transplant, Este Turkey is committed to respecting your choices. Our dedicated Este team employs the most advanced hair transplant methods to uphold your natural appearance and ensure the utmost privacy throughout the process.

Hair Loss & Age: Reasons Why Women Consider A Hair Transplant 

Hair loss in young women can be attributed to various factors, however, before booking a hair transplant procedure, we recommend a hair loss consultation to identify the underlying causes of your female hair loss.

Young women may experience hair loss due to factors such as hormonal changes during puberty and/or pregnancy, genetic predisposition, stress, medical conditions like PCOS hair loss, damaging hairstyling practices, and significant weight changes

Hair loss in older women is often a result of a combination of factors related to aging. Common reasons for hair loss in older women include: hormonal changes during menopause, predisposition to female pattern baldness, nutritional deficiencies due to aging, medical conditions, medications with hair loss side effects, reduced hair follicle function and changes in hair texture, poor scalp circulation, and long-term exposure to damaging environmental factors like sun damage and pollution

Understanding the specific factors contributing to hair loss in mature women is essential for developing a customized treatment to address any hair loss condition. Rest assured, it is possible for older women to have a hair transplant! 

Check out this Este female hair transplant success story: 77-Year-Old Woman’s Hair Transplant Results!

Why Women Should Consider A Female Hair Transplant in Turkey with Este Medical Group

Consider Este Medical Group in Turkey for your female hair transplant needs, where privacy is respected, services are customized to your unique requirements, success rates are high, and the evidence lies in numerous 5-star online reviews. Experience trustworthy and friendly care for a confident and successful hair restoration journey with Este in Turkey!  

Book an Este Turkey appointment for a transformative hair transplant experience — let a hair transplant procedure empower you to rediscover your feminine confidence and embrace the beauty of your natural look again.

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