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What Is The Ugly Duckling Phase Of Hair Transplant Process?


January 4, 2024

Everyone knows the story of the Ugly Duckling, and how a duck goes through an ugly phase before transforming into a handsome, attractive swan that everybody loves. It’s kind of the same scenario for the ‘ugly duckling’ phase hair transplant during post-surgery recovery. 

Rest assured, the hair transplant ugly duckling phase is temporary and a natural part of the hair restoration process

Whether you're recovering from a hair transplant at this very moment, or considering a DHI or FUE hair transplant, it is a good idea to be prepared for the ‘ugly duckling’ transition, and learn what to expect when your scalp is healing after a hair transplant

What To Expect From Ugly Duckling Phase After Hair Transplant

Anyone who has a hair transplant, male or female hair transplant recipients, all experience the ugly duckling period of recovery. It is a relatively short transition period that allows the scalp to fully heal after hair graft surgery and the newly transplanted hair follicles to settle into place. It is an absolutely essential part of the hair transplant process. 

How long does the ugly duckling stage last hair transplant? After a hair transplant there is a healing phase (about 1 to 2 weeks typically), which some people might call ‘unattractive’ as the scalp will most likely experience some redness and crusting as the result of surgery. 

In addition to the visible signs of healing in the initial post-surgery ugly phase, common side effects after a hair transplant often include a tight feeling scalp, sensations of achiness, itching, and some scalp soreness. These temporary effects are a natural part of the healing process.

What is temporary hair loss after transplant? Additionally, once newly transplanted hairs enter into an active growth phase they will experience natural hair shedding (on average 3 months after transplant surgery). Hair shedding might result in another ugly duckling phase if much hair is shed, but again, this is a normal part of hair follicles being in an active hair growth cycle post-hair transplant. Most hair transplant clients are well out of any ugly hair phase after the three month mark, up to the five month mark, when most hair transplant recipients see, on average, about 50% new hair growth. 

Hair transplant procedures have a very high success rate, so don’t fret, the ugly duckling stage after hair transplant is only temporary and doesn’t last that long! 

What Is The Hair Transplant Transitional Phase All About? 

After a successful hair transplant, newly transplanted hair follicles enter into the natural hair growth cycle. Hair shedding post-hair transplant is entirely normal, often termed as 'shock loss.' This phase, often occurring around three months after a hair transplant, involves the temporary shedding of newly implanted hairs before they regrow. It's a typical part of the hair growth cycle for both men and women following a hair grafting procedure.

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