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Netherlands Guide: Informing Dutch Travelers How To Plan Hair Transplant Trip from Holland to Turkey


May 10, 2024

Istanbul, Turkey has firmly established itself as the leading destination for those seeking affordable 5-star hair transplants. More and more Dutch people are choosing Turkey to regrow and restore lost hair, especially in cases of premature or significant hair loss.

Turkey's combination of affordability, safety, culture, and strong reputation for hair transplants makes it the best destination for restoring hair loss and revitalizing your appearance.

Is It Safe To Travel In Turkey? 

Turkey is widely recognized as a safe destination for Dutch tourists, especially in popular locations like Istanbul. The country is well-prepared to handle high volumes of tourists and travelers, prioritizing their safety. When seeking out reputable hair loss and transplant clinics in Turkey, look for businesses that are certified or registered with the Turkish Medical Association or Ministry of Health. This guarantees a commitment to established standards, providing a secure environment for those undergoing surgical procedures.

Comparing Hair Transplant Costs: Is Turkey More Affordable Than The Netherlands?

Hair grafting costs are often a significant factor influencing a travel decision, and in regards to affordable hair transplants, Turkey offers an unbeatable advantage compared to European prices. The lower costs of hair grafts and related services make having a Turkey hair transplant an affordable reality. This cost-effectiveness does not compromise quality, as Turkish hair loss clinics staff highly qualified surgeons with an abundance of hands-on experience in hair grafting.

Affordability is a major factor in the decision to undergo a DHI or FUE hair transplant. For many Dutch men and women, the long-term costs of covering up baldness or relying on expensive wigs outweigh the initial investment and travel to Turkey. Let's explore your optionscontact Este Turkey for a consultation on hair graft costs.

Turkey’s #1 Hair Transplant Clinic

Este Medical Turkey is recognized worldwide for hair transplant expertise, alongside a commitment to excellence and client care. Este Medical has maintained a 5-star Trustpilot rating, as well as won many awards including Turkey's #1 Hair Transplant Clinic.

Experience a Cost-Effective Hair Transplant in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, an ancient city bridging Europe and Asia, promises to entertain and delight Dutch travelers looking for a budget-friendly hair transplant experience. Its blend of rich history and contemporary comforts offers a distinctive backdrop for those seeking both cosmetic enhancement and cultural immersion. Este Medical Turkey offers a compelling reason to choose Turkey for a hair restoration journey.

Este Medical clients often extend their stay in Istanbul by several days to go sightseeing, dine out on delicious Turkish cuisine, and to explore and shop at the iconic Grand Bazaar. With hair transplants being commonplace in Turkey, blending in is effortless post-surgery. You will feel at ease touring and shopping around Istanbul after a hair transplant.

Traveling for a hair transplant procedure or hair grafting is widely accepted and considered low-risk. With online reviews and reputable websites providing client feedback, it's now safer and easier for Dutch visitors to evaluate the cost of a 5-star hair transplant in Turkey.

Review our Este Medical guide: How to Choose a Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey. 

Discover The Value: Hair Transplant Services Tailored for Budget-Conscious Dutch Consumers

Este Medical in Turkey customizes each hair transplant service to the needs of each of our Este clients. This includes initial hair transplant consultation (scalp and hair follicle analysis), Este Medical hair transplant aftercare packages, as well as support when making travel arrangements to Istanbul, Turkey, which also can include booking your hotel accommodations, and airport and Este clinic private taxi transfers. We strive to make all of our Este hair transplant Turkey clients as comfortable as can be, and when necessary can arrange for language support.  

Do you have a specific question about our Este Medical services? Send us a message through our website and let’s get started on answering your Turkey hair grafting questions now! 

Este Gives You Every Reason To Choose Turkey For Your Hair Loss Treatment

Este Medical Group's hair transplant results in Turkey are worthwhile, with phenomenal success rates. With a near 100% success rate, our commitment to delivering outstanding outcomes sets us apart from other hair loss clinics in Istanbul. 

The initial step with Este involves diagnosing your hair loss pattern, assessing scalp health, and evaluating hair follicle size and strength. After a thorough consultation and discussions with our Dutch clients, Este Medical Turkey will recommend a personalized treatment plan to achieve the most optimal hair transplant results.

At Este, we strive to accommodate your preferences regarding hair cutting or shaving your scalp for your hair grafting procedure, we cater to specific hair types such as afro-textured hair, and address unique hair loss conditions like alopecia

Here is a selection of professional hair transplant services available at Este Medical in Turkey:  

Este Medical Group proudly maintains a 5-star Trustpilot rating, and we ensure transparency by sharing before-and-after photos of our hair loss clients on both our website and social media platforms. We invite you to contact us with your questions about costs, hair transplant procedures, and traveling to Turkey from the Netherlands for hair grafting surgery. 

Find out, are you a suitable candidate for hair transplant surgery in Turkey?

Inspirational Hair Transplant Success Stories From Around The Globe

Discover the inspiring success stories of our satisfied Este clients, who have undergone transformational hair transplants and achieved exceptional results with Este Medical Group.

Our outstanding reviews and positive testimonials from hair transplant clients reinforce our remarkable reputation for delivering first-class hair transplantation travel services to Turkey. This encompasses seamlessly coordinating travel logistics, including airport, hotel, and clinic taxi transfers.

Travel from the Netherlands To Turkey 

Dutch citizens may travel to Turkey for hair loss, cosmetic and medical services. We recommend you review Visa Information For Foreigners, and if applicable, obtain an e-Visa in advance of any travel to Turkey. 

As of the publication date, Dutch passport holders can visit Turkey for short-term stays of up to 3 months (90 days in any 180-day period) without needing a travel visa.

If required, it is simple to purchase a Turkish e-Visa online. Here is the link to the e-Visa website for Turkey

We also recommend you review the Government of the Netherlands exit and entry information about travel to Turkey.  

Este Medical Group would like to reassure our Dutch clients of our professional compliance with international standards when it comes to your safety and any related legal matters pertaining to services at the Este hair loss clinic in Turkey. 

Planes, Trains & Cruise Ships! There Are Many Ways To Arrive In Turkey For A Hair Transplant

In conclusion, when considering the multitude of options available for hair restoration surgery, the question arises: Why wouldn't you choose Turkey? 

With its commitment to affordability, expert surgeons, safety, advanced technology, and the energetic energy of Istanbul, Turkey emerges as the unrivaled destination for international individuals embarking on an empowering and transformative hair transplantation journey.

Discover how affordable a hair transplant can be in Turkey! Send us a message to arrange a Turkey Hair Transplant consultation

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