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Hairline Lowering & Forehead Reduction Using Hair Transplant


November 28, 2023

Feeling self-conscious about a large forehead or high hairline? Find out how a hair transplant in Turkey can lower your hairline and decrease your forehead area, helping to change your appearance and make your forehead a less dominant facial feature. 

There are valid reasons why men and women choose hair grafts to enhance and lower their hairlines. These reasons can include feeling embarrassed about a big forehead size, wanting to affirm gender identity, and to improve overall facial symmetry.

Whatever the reason for wanting to reduce forehead size, the professional surgical team at Este Medical Group in Turkey can lower your hairline by inserting hair grafts below the natural hairline, creating a new lower hairline. 

We are known as the #1 hair transplant clinic in Turkey! 

Este Turkey has executed numerous successful hairline transplant procedures for both men and women at our esteemed medical facility located in Istanbul. Renowned as the premier hair transplant clinic in Turkey, we take pride in our exceptional standards of service and expertise in the field.

Book a hair transplant consultation to talk about hair grafts to lower your hairline, send us a message through our website today. 

How to Reduce a Big Forehead: Transform Your Forehead with a Hair Transplant

The look of a large forehead might be the result of a receding hairline, low hair density, or traction alopecia. If you are tired of using hairstyles, wigs, and concealing make-up to hide your wide forehead, then it is time to consider a more permanent solution. 

The best way to improve the look of a receding or high hairline is by having a minimally invasive hair transplant procedure. Hair transplant surgery is an effective long-term solution if you want a lower hairline. Another option to consider would be a surgical brow lift.  

There is also the option of foreheadplasty, or hairline lowering surgery; a plastic surgery procedure that is not too different from a facelift; however, instead of lifting the forehead, skin is cut away, and the hairline is then pulled down into place lower on the face and reattached. 

It is a much more invasive surgical procedure than a hair transplant. 

Scarring may take place after foreheadplasty. After this type of plastic surgery hair grafts may be required to even out the hairline and cover any scars where hair may have been lost during the surgical procedure. More recovery and downtime might be required after this procedure, compared to a targeted hair transplant along the hairline and upper forehead. 

After a Turkey hair transplant our Este clients are up and about, either going back to their hotel to rest, or out to shop in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul! If you would like to arrange a hairline lowering hair transplant in Turkey, then set up an Este Medical consultation today

What Is The Best Way To Lower My Hairline? 

Hair transplant vs foreheadplasty surgery — which one is best for you?  Deciding between forehead reduction surgery and a hair transplant means thinking about your goals in terms of grooming and beauty, likewise, at the medical clinic an assessment will be made of your hair thickness, the area of forehead to be reduced, and how it all fits with the rest of your face.

Consulting with an experienced surgeon that understands both plastic surgery and hair transplant surgery will be the best way to assess which option aligns best with your goals and individual circumstances. 

Take a look at our Este Guide: How to Choose a Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey?

Benefits To Having Your Hairline Corrected & Lowered 

Adjusting or lowering your hairline, whether through a hair transplant or forehead plastic surgery, can result in many life-changing benefits:

  • Feel Less Self-Conscious 
  • Enhance Your Confidence 
  • Have A More Youthful Appearance 
  • Better Psychological Well-Being 
  • Have Better Self-Esteem
  • Improved Your Facial Proportions 

Contact Este Medical and talk about having a hair transplant procedure to lower your hairline in Turkey. At Este Turkey we help you with everything, from assisting with flight details, arranging your hotel, and making sure you have airport-hotel and medical clinic taxi transfers all sorted out, so you can focus on relaxing and being comfortable during the whole hair transplant process. 

Este Medical in Turkey offers a selection of hair transplants for forehead reduction

Arrange a forehead reduction hair transplant consultation through our website to find out which of these transplant treatments is best suited to you. 

Can women have hairline transplants? Yes, women can have hair transplants to reduce a high hairline, find out how it works in our guide about Hair Transplants for Women: Restoring Confidence and Beauty.

Come To Turkey To Lower Your Hairline At The Best Hair Transplant Clinic In Istanbul 

You now know what to do in order to have a more attractive and fitting hairline for your style and identity. We have presented beneficial solutions for you to reach your long-term beauty and aesthetic goals.

Let’s go ahead and get started on planning your trip to Turkey for a forehead reduction using a hair transplant procedure. Message us now to start planning this amazing hair restoration journey!

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