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Can I Get A Beard Transplant & How Does it Work?


June 16, 2023

Having a hair transplant to cover a bald patch, restore a receding hairline, and halt hair loss these days is easier than ever; so it’s natural that more and more men are curious if having a beard transplant is also as easy.

Can you get a beard transplant? Yes, having a beard hair transplant is absolutely possible! Let us tell you everything you need to know about having a FUE beard transplant in Turkey

Why Do Men Get Beard Transplants?

There are lots of reasons why men want to have a beard transplant procedure. For some men it is because they have patchy facial hair, or inconsistent hair growth on the face. For some men they want a beard transplant to reach their grooming goals and try current beard trends, for others it might be to look more mature and masculine.

For most men they just feel more confident and attractive with facial hair. Whatever your motivation for having more facial hair, Este Medical will support your reason to have a Turkey beard transplant.

To help you make an informed decision about whether a beard transplant is worth the time and energy, we have pulled together the most common questions males have about beard transplant surgery

Beard Transplant Before and After at Este Medical Group

What You Should Know About A Beard Transplant 

What is a beard transplant? A beard transplant is similar to the average hair transplant for hair loss on the head. Basically, a facial hair FUE treatment (i.e., beard transplant) will boost hair growth by replacing old hair follicles with new hair follicles that are able to grow hair on your face.

At Este Turkey we recommend the follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant method, as it delivers permanent results and is consistently successful.

You can go from no beard to full beard with an Este Turkey beard transplant! Check out the remarkable beard transplant before-and-after photos from Este Medical clients.

How do beard transplants work?

Viable hair follicles are taken from a stable zone (i.e., the donor site) on your body (e.g., the back or sides of the head) and are transplanted one by one to the treatment area you want to restore with new hair growth (e.g., upper lip, cheeks, lower jawline).

For example, beard transplants can use individual hair follicles from the back or sides of the head, hair from under the chin, or chest hair. Hair transplants have a high success rate

Is beard transplant permanent?

Yes, results from a facial hair transplant are permanent. Once beard hair begins to grow in, you will be able to trim and style your new beard however you want, even shave!

FUE hair transplant treatments have a high success rate; excellent post-surgery results are consistent with the follicular unit extraction technique. In just five months clients experience visible hair growth – on average 50% hair growth. And within a year most transplant recipients will experience up to 100% hair growth. The best way to find out if you would make a good candidate for a beard hair transplant is to contact Este Medical!

Do beard transplants last forever?

As mentioned above, a beard hair transplant is permanent and should last you a lifetime. In the beginning you may experience some hair shedding, but this is considered normal and should not impact future growth patterns. Within several months of having a beard transplant you will see substantial hair growth in the treatment area (e.g., upper lip, cheeks, chin).

How much is a beard transplant?

The question of how much does beard transplant cost is an often asked question about the procedure. The cost will depend on how many hair grafts you need to restore an area of the face with new hair follicles; the bigger the area, the more the procedure will cost. For beard transplant pricing we recommend you have an Este Medical hair transplant consultation with a hair loss expert.

When you have a beard transplant with Este Medical at our Turkey hair loss clinic in Istanbul, we will arrange and coordinate everything you need to have in place to have a successful hair transplant — from your fights to Istanbul airport, to your hotel accommodation, all the taxi transfers from the hotel to our Este Turkey clinic, and of course all of your clinic appointments, including any add-on treatments you also might like to have at the same time as your facial hair transplant (e.g., cosmetic dentistry, dermal fillers, or a tummy tuck for example).    

Are beard transplants worth it?

Having a beard transplant is a personal choice; if inconsistent beard growth is hampering your personal style, making you feel emasculated, or causing low self-esteem, then having a beard transplantation is definitely worth it! A professional beard transplant at a reputable hair loss clinic, like Este Medical Turkey, will help you to achieve natural looking facial hair that will improve your quality of life personally, socially, and professionally.

Do beard transplants look natural?

Yes a FUE beard transplant is the most advanced transplantation procedure to achieve natural looking, healthy hair growth. During beard transplant FUE surgery, each hair graft is implanted to grow at the correct angle to achieve the highest density and volume of hair.

Does beard transplant hurt?

Everyone has a different pain threshold, but the good news is most hair transplant recipients report having a beard hair transplant as being a painless procedure, as it is done with a local anesthesia.

Post-surgery you may experience some common side effects like skin redness, slight inflammation, and mild skin irritation, all of which are normal reactions to a hair transplant. Any minor discomfort experienced will subside after a few days.

Your Este Turkey hair transplant surgeon will cover what aftercare (e.g., PRP hair injections, laser hair growth therapy) is required to keep your skin and new hair growth in optimal condition.

Remember, a facial hair transplant using the FUE technique is the same as having a hair transplant. Our Este Medical hair transplant clients consistently give us 5-star hair transplant reviews on Trustpilot! We urge you to take a look at these positive reviews to get a better idea of what to expect from a hair transplant experience with Este Medical in Turkey.

Before we let you go, we have one last question to share with you! Can beard hair be used for hair transplant? With FUE hair transplants there are several viable areas on a person’s body to transplant hair from (e.g., back of head, arms and legs). The best way to determine what donor-site hair is viable for transplant is with a hair transplant consultation.

Why Have A Beard Transplant In Turkey?

Discover why Este’s hair transplants in Turkey are more successful than those at other hair transplant clinics. It’s all about the unique Este Medical Group holistic approach to ensure maximum hair follicle health and strength, as well as our phenomenal pre-transplantation preparation and post-transplant aftercare using PRP mesotherapy and laser light hair growth treatments.

Este Medical is Turkey’s #1 Hair Transplant Clinic, as well Este has been honored with an award for the Most Trusted Multi-Practice Clinic from the LuxLife awards.

An Este Medical FUE hair transplant will maximize your hair’s growth potential, which is key to having long sideburns, a stylish mustache, or a full beard. If your facial hair growth is patchy, inconsistent or barely there, then book an Este Medical Group hair transplantation consultation to have a beard transplant in Turkey!

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