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Advantages Of Permanent Hair Loss Procedure Over Non-Surgical ‘Fake’ Hair Replacement Systems


January 4, 2024

Why go to a hair loss clinic when you can just order a hair replacement system online?

Hair systems for men and hair units for women are getting a lot of buzz, but that doesn’t mean non-surgical hair replacement systems like men’s hair toppers and artificial hair prosthesis are an ideal long-term solution to your type of hair loss

While you can sidestep a permanent hair transplant surgery with a fake head topper, artificial replacement hair units (often lasting less than 12 months) don't convincingly imitate natural hair, even when made of real human hair.

Before you start purchasing a variety of male hair units or hair topper hair systems, let’s revisit why having medical clinic hair loss treatments, such as proven regrowth therapies (e.g., PRP, PRF, laser hair therapy) and permanent hair grafting (DHI and FUE transplants), offer more long-lasting hair care benefits compared to temporary hair loss unit solutions.

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Benefits of In-Clinic Hair Loss Procedures Compared to Hair Systems/Hair Loss Units

Este Medical Group has been in the hair loss profession for over two decades, and with those many years of experience as a leading service provider, the hair care experts at Este understand how frustrating and stressful hair loss is for women and men. 

We understand that purchasing a non surgical hair replacement system offers some temporary stress relief and aesthetic improvements, like covering a bald spot, or hiding a receding hairline. 

Naturally, you want to weigh your options between using a hair replacement unit system and committing to effective medical treatments for hair growth like hair transplantation and non-invasive hair therapies such as laser light for hair and platelet-rich hair loss therapy

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permanent hair transplant over a nonpermanent

Experience the Este Advantage: Restoring Hair Naturally & Permanently

Having a professional hair loss or hair regrowth treatment offers many advantages over nonpermanent hair systems for women and men.

We appreciate that when faced with visible hair loss and hair thinning people want to take action, and that the short-term benefit of wearing a hair loss unit has appeal to someone stressed out about their appearance due to hair issues like alopecia, male pattern baldness, PCOS hair loss, telogen effluvium, postnatal hair loss and menopause.  

Este Medical clinics worldwide offer a diverse range of effective and successful hair restoration treatments. Our Este Turkey clinic is #1 for a variety of hair transplants, including: 

We also offer hair restoration for beards and eyebrows! 

Discover why Este’s hair transplants are more successful than those at other hair transplant clinics. 

Benefits of a permanent hair transplant over a nonpermanent hair system are:

  • Lasting results that are real
  • Natural appearance and natural hair regrowth
  • Reduced maintenance with permanent hair grafts
  • Increased self-confidence and better self-esteem
  • Long-term cost efficiency and an investment in your wellbeing

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Serious Hair Regrowth Solutions — No Glue Required!

We truly get that not everyone feels prepared for a hair transplant. That's why wigs, toupees, and hair loss units hold such appeal — as they offer a way to manage and conceal hair loss for those who might not be ready for other options.

However, amazing non-surgical hair loss treatments exist — working wonders by regrowing hair in problem areas like the crown and temples, while boosting hair thickness and strength to tackle hair thinning issues

Our Este Medical non-surgical hair loss treatments offer a transformative and more empowering choice you might not have explored yet. 

The most natural and best hair growth solutions available at Este Medical Group (without surgery or glue!) include: 

These are by far the most effective and enduring permanent solutions for both female and male hair loss, promoting new hair growth, scalp health, and transplanted hair follicle aftercare

Drawbacks Of Hair Loss Units & Hair Replacement System To Mask Hair Loss 

What are hair loss units? Male and female hair loss units are the modern way of referring to hair piece solutions for visible hair loss, also known as a hair weave, hair toupee, hair extension, hair rug, and hairpiece. 

Temporary head coverings made of synthetic or human hair (i.e., toupees) are often small and designed to cover the scalp in areas affected by baldness and hair thinning. They are typically attached with an adhesive glue and can stay in place on the scalp for about three to six weeks. The obvious risk wearing a temporary hair unit is you might have an awkward hair loss unit malfunction! It has been reported that the hair unit can loosen with showering, hair washing, and sweating. 

Compared to permanent hair grafts and medical clinic non-surgical hair growth treatments, hair replacement systems have several disadvantages, including:

  • The most realistic units or systems may have a hefty price tag
  • They need to be fitted by a professional
  • Unit maintenance and reapplication can be time consuming
  • They only offer a temporary solution to an increasingly permanent hair loss problem
  • Risk of hair unit malfunction and embarrassment 
  • Hair replacement systems don’t offer a realistic or sustainable solution over time

Choose Este Medical Group Hair Loss Treatments: Naturally Rooted Solutions That Empower Confidence! 

At the end of the day, a hair loss unit might be a stop-gap solution while arranging to have a Turkey hair transplant, especially if you require more advanced treatments for your hair loss and hair grooming and beauty goals. 

Este Medical has a phenomenal 5-star reputation when it comes to successful hair regrowth, customizing hair loss treatments, as well as providing nurturing and attentive aftercare, ensuring thoughtful client support throughout every Este hair, body, and skincare procedure.

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