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Advantages Of Micro Sapphire DHI Hair Transplants


December 14, 2023

Advancements in the world of hair transplants gets everyone excited — from the hair surgeons seeking the most advanced surgical tools to the men and women searching for the best hair transplant method available. 

Taking advantage of the latest hair transplant techniques at the most reputable hair loss clinics (like Este Turkey!) will ensure individuals suffering from alopecia, hair thinning, bald spots, or a high hairline can remedy their hair loss issues and come away from their hair transplant experience with a renewed sense of self-confidence via cutting-edge hair grafting techniques.

What Is The Newest Advancement In Hair Transplant Technology? 

Get ready for the hair transplant revolution! Micro Sapphire Direct Hair Implants are owning the spotlight right now, and trust us, it's for excellent reasons.

Currently there’s high interest in the new DHI Micro Sapphire Hair Transplant method, and it’s being compared a lot to the ever popular Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant method. 

Both FUE (follicular unit extraction) and DHI (direct hair implant) are excellent and modern hair transplant methods. But let’s take a look at why the DHI Sapphire hair transplant is catching all the buzz! 

As a surgical device, the Micro Sapphire DHI Implanter Pen offers many hair transplant benefits, particularly when manually inserting hair follicles into the scalp. DHI advantages include:

  • Minimal surgical skin trauma during hair transplantation
  • No visible scarring & natural looking hair growth
  • Reduced hair follicle friction with implantation
  • Surgical incisions are more precise and finer
  • Faster rate of scalp healing and hair transplant recovery post-surgery 
  • Micro Sapphire method better at increasing hair density 
  • Boosts an already high success rate for hair transplant outcomes 

Are you excited to try the new DHI Sapphire method? Then send us a message through our website to arrange a Turkey DHI hair transplant consultation today

What Is So Special About A Sapphire Hair Transplant? 

When it comes to the buzz about Sapphire hair transplants it’s mainly because of the high quality blade. 

Este Medical's hair transplant surgeons in Turkey specialize in the FUE and DHI Sapphire Technique, and find that the Sapphire tip blades, made from a special gemstone, outperform standard steel blades, as mentioned above (see DHI Sapphire benefits). These ultra-sharp, exceptionally smooth and resilient blades are ideal for detailed surgical work, they are excellent at creating precise and swift-healing incisions during hair transplant surgeries.

The advanced Sapphire surgical blade allows for individual hair follicles to be placed more naturally and with greater precision. The direct hair implant pen device protects each individual hair graft as it is transplanted into the scalp. 

Book your DHI Sapphire micro hair transplant with Este in Turkey, and we will assist you in arranging your flights, hotel in Istanbul, and taxi transfers from the airport-hotel and Este Medical Turkey hair loss clinic. Send us a message now. 

Simple 3 Steps Of A Micro Sapphire DHI Hair Transplant

While the Sapphire DHI technique stands as one of the most advanced in hair transplants, the DHI Sapphire hair graft restoration follows a straightforward three-step process.

  1. Hair Graft Extraction: A follicular unit extraction of donor hair follicles takes place for step one. Much like the Sapphire FUE technique, the harvesting of hair follicles from the donor area occurs individually, utilizing an advanced micro motor punch pen.
  2. Micro Incisions in Donor Area: Sapphire micro blade incisions are made in step two. The micro Sapphire blade incisions open up space in the hair canals to insert each transplanted hair from step one. 
  3. DHI Pen Final Step: Harvested hair grafts or hair follicles are implanted into the scalp one by one using the highly advanced DHI Choi Implanter Pen: this surgical pen-like device is a medical-grade surgical tool that makes a micro incision into the scalp and deposits each hair follicle with total protection. An advantage of a micro DHI hair transplant is it moves a bit faster than a FUE hair transplant and there is very little risk of any one hair graft being damaged. 

Schedule a DHI hair transplant consultation to get started on your journey to beautiful Istanbul for a Turkey DHI Sapphire hair restoration treatment that will change your life for the better!  

Which Is Better? Sapphire Micro FUE vs DHI Sapphire Choi Implanter Pen 

As mentioned above, at Este Medical Group Turkey we use both Sapphire FUE and Sapphire DHI methods for hair transplant surgeries. Both have exceptional success rates, and both FUE and DHI are the top methods for skin-safe, anti-scar, and natural looking hair transplants. 

Here are some subtle but real differences between the two transplant treatments:

  • DHI hair transplants are slightly faster than FUE.
  • FUE hair transplants are somewhat better if you are covering a larger area of scalp with hair grafts.  
  • DHI is somewhat more suitable to areas on the scalp that need boosted hair density, like the hairline or hair part. 

Ultimately, choosing between FUE or DHI depends on various factors like individual client preferences, female and male hair loss patterns, hair growth tendencies, and desired results like lowering a hairline, enhancing hair for a new style, or having a speedy recovery. 

To learn more about DHI vs FUE see our guide: What's the Difference Between FUE and DHI Hair Transplant? 

The Advantages Of A FUE/DHI Hair Transplant Consultation 

At Este Medical, before we start any type of hair transplant surgery, our team of experts will speak to you about your desired outcome and hair grooming goals, your hair transplant expectations, and we will diagnose your type of hair loss, and based on our experience and expertise we will make a recommendation about which of our hair transplant treatments is best suited to you. 

Start your conversation with Este Medical in Turkey today, let’s get you set up for great things in your personal new year of boosted self-confidence and feeling empowered by restoring your hair!

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