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The Science Behind a Beautiful Smile: Cosmetic Dentistry Explained


November 10, 2023

How is it possible to achieve a beautiful natural smile with advanced dental procedures? When having a professional smile makeover it’s a good idea to pinpoint what you are looking to correct, for instance, do you want to correct the look of crooked or bent teeth, do you want a whiter smile, or are you looking to replace broken or missing teeth. 

Once you have established your ‘smile transformation’ goals and expectations you are ready to consider a variety of cosmetic dentistry options such as professional teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental crowns, and dental implants.   

Cosmetic dentistry treatments like veneers and implants are more widely available these days, and it seems like everyone is after a ‘Hollywood smile’ to improve their appearance and self-confidence, as well as dating and employment prospects. 

The dental professionals at the Este Medical Turkey clinic are experts at dental aesthetics (i.e., creating a natural beautiful smile) and personalized smile enhancement.

Cosmetic Dentistry Explained

In order to help you make a more informed decision about having cosmetic dentistry abroad and a deeper understanding of the science behind dental treatments, our Este team has collected together the latest and most relevant information about cosmetic dentistry benefits, and the art and science of dentistry. 

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is like a special kind of dentistry that focuses on making people's teeth look better and more attractive. Dentists who do cosmetic dentistry can fix things like crooked teeth, teeth that are discolored, and chipped teeth, so they look better and give you a more confident and beautiful smile. Cosmetic dentistry is all about making your teeth not just healthy but also beautiful! 

Este Medical in Turkey is committed to excellence and expertise in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Our Turkey Este dental clinic offers the following cosmetic dentistry treatments (as well as teeth whitening!) to transform your confidence: 

  • Dental veneers: Thin, custom-made shells that are placed over the front surface of teeth to improve their appearance by covering stains, chips, or other teeth imperfections.
  • Dental crowns: These dental caps are tooth-shaped, and are fitted like little crowns over a damaged or weakened tooth to protect it and/or restore its strength, shape, and appearance.
  • Dental implants: Artificial tooth roots that are surgically placed into the jawbone to support replacement teeth (such as dental crowns) to provide a stable and long-lasting solution for missing teeth.

Would you like to entertain the idea of taking a trip to Turkey for dental work? Send us a message through our website to start a conversation about cosmetic dental work in Turkey along with your expectations and questions.  

The Science Behind A Beautiful Smile Transformation At Este Medical  

Este Medical Group uses the most advanced dental technology: ultramodern tools and equipment, enhanced dental materials and biocompatible materials, as well as dental surgery and diagnostic techniques to treat and improve oral health, including digital imaging, 3D scanning, CAD/CAM systems for creating dental restorations, and other innovations that enhance patient care and outcomes.

We utilize dental science to continually advance and refine our Este Turkey dental services, ensuring that our patients receive the highest quality care and the most innovative treatments available for veneers, implants and dental crowns

At our Este Turkey dental practice, our skilled dental professionals are committed to staying at the forefront of dental technology advancements through ongoing education and training, ensuring that our patients benefit from the latest innovations in dental care and orthodontics.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Benefits

Many people do not realize the cosmetic dental work solutions available to improve their smile, appearance, and oral health, so sharing cosmetic dentistry benefits can lead to better life choices. Besides dental health improvements, the key benefits of cosmetic dentistry are:

  • Transformed Smile: Cosmetic dentistry will significantly improve the appearance of your teeth and smile, boosting your self-esteem.
  • Improved Confidence: A more attractive smile leads to a boost in self-esteem! .  
  • Natural-Looking Results: Many cosmetic dental procedures provide natural-looking results that blend seamlessly with your existing teeth.  
  • Correcting Dental Issues: Cosmetic dentistry can correct a range of dental issues, such as stains, chips, gaps, and misaligned teeth.  
  • Long-Lasting Results: Many cosmetic treatments offer long-lasting results, providing lasting benefits (see cosmetic dental aftercare). 
  • Customized Treatments: Dental procedures can be tailored to meet your specific goals and needs.  
  • Versatility: Cosmetic dentistry offers a variety of options, from teeth whitening to veneers.   
  • Youthful Appearance: A whiter, well-aligned smile can make you appear more youthful and vibrant.  
  • Overall Well-Being: Feeling better about your smile can positively impact your overall well-being and quality of life.

We hope our expert advice about cosmetic dentistry has been useful, as informing people about cosmetic dentistry options and benefits may help them to take preventative steps earlier, potentially avoiding more extensive and costly dental work in the future.

Real patient transformations! Take a look at these Este Turkey before-and-after photos of successful dental procedures at our Istanbul medical clinic. 

Treat Yourself To Cosmetic Dental Work In Turkey! 

Raising awareness about the science involved with Este Medical dental treatments and the benefits of cosmetic dentistry will help to empower individuals to make informed choices about their oral health and appearance, potentially leading to improved overall quality of life — for instance, a better dating app profile photo (show us your beautiful smile baby!), new opportunities for a job promotion, and of course, transforming your confidence with a smile!  

Contact Este Medical to talk about how easy and affordable it is to have advanced cosmetic dentistry at our medical clinic in Turkey. Send us a message about getting your teeth done in Turkey today! 

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