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Laser Treatment After Hair Transplant: Hair Restoration Must-Have!


June 23, 2023

Este Medical in Turkey has revealed why Este Medical Group has such a high success rate for hair transplants. The key to achieving the most successful FUE hair transplant is our Este Medical holistic approach to hair transplant aftercare.

One of our hair loss treatment must-haves for optimal hair restoration is low level laser therapy after hair transplantation surgery. Find out why low level laser therapy (LLLT) after a transplant is the best approach to scalp healing and boosting hair growth factors.

Think of LLLT as an essential non-invasive treatment to jump-start post-transplant hair growth!

Why Have Laser After Hair Transplant? 

A big reason why Este Turkey hair transplants are such a success is because of our unique and holistic approach to hair transplants, as well as our knowledge about the importance of hair transplant aftercare.

A hair transplant in many ways is like seeding a garden to grow. At Este Medical we know that transplanted hair follicles are similar to seeds; we know that seeds need the most optimal conditions to grow and flourish. Just like seeds, newly transplanted hair grafts need the scalp to be in optimal health for the most successful hair transplant surgery outcome.

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Benefits Of Laser Therapy After Hair Transplant Surgery

Laser hair growth therapy, especially after a hair transplant, has several important benefits:

  • Improve scalp health 
  • Excelerate hair growth
  • Boost blood circulation
  • Increase nutrients to hair follicles
  • Enhance hair strength
  • Visible results
  • Non-invasive
  • Painless
  • No side effects

‍Laser therapy for hair and scalp is a clinically proven hair restoration treatment that uses low-level laser light to activate hair follicles to begin new hair growth. 

This revolutionary hair loss technology uses laser light at a low level to irradiate photons into the scalp tissue where they are absorbed by weaker cells making them stronger (i.e., cellular regeneration). 

Light hair growth therapy helps to increase blood flow, which facilitates the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to newly transplanted hair follicles for boosted hair growth right after surgery. Laser hair restoration therapy will help increase hair length and diameter, resulting in thicker hair shafts and overall better hair volume. This hair transplant aftercare treatment is an effective way to heal the scalp and nourish hair follicles to quicken their natural hair growth cycle. 

When To Use Laser Therapy After Hair Transplant?

You can start having laser hair growth therapy 24-hours after hair transplant surgery. The first treatment session will most likely take place after your first post-transplant hair wash. Depending on your work or personal schedule, you can have LLLT on a regular basis the first month after your hair transplant Turkey surgery. Your Este Turkey hair transplant surgeon will advise you on the most optimal hair transplant aftercare plan. 

After having a male or female FUE hair transplant or DHI hair transplant, we highly recommend you schedule laser hair aftercare treatments to reduce post-surgery recovery time, and most importantly to give your transplanted hair grafts an added push to get back into the business of growing!  

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The Most Successful Hair Transplant Aftercare Package! 

For the most successful post-operative hair growth results, we recommend PRP combined with mesotherapy and laser hair growth treatments after hair transplant surgery.

Both PRP mesotherapy and laser light therapy hair transplant aftercare help to heal the scalp post-surgery, accelerate recovery, increase blood flow to oxygenate and nourish newly transplanted hair follicles. 

Specifically, platelet-rich plasma hair injections (PRP) can help regrow and thicken your hair after having a hair transplantation procedure. PRP injections contain cells called platelets that help hair follicles to grow by stimulating the stem cells and other cells in the hair follicle’s micro-environment. Post-surgery, when injected into the mesoderm (i.e., the scalp) using the mesotherapy method, platelet cells accelerate and support new hair growth after a hair transplant. 

Make Laser Light & PRP Hair Injections Part Of Your Successful Hair Transplant Aftercare

Are you planning to have your hair transplant at our Este Turkey hair loss clinic? We would be happy to book you a Turkey hair transplant and aftercare package consultation so you can be fully briefed on why having laser therapy after a hair transplant is a must! 

If you are wondering about other hair loss treatments you can have in Turkey we have a guide to help you: What is the Best Treatment for Hair Loss? Have a read, then message us through our website with any questions about your type of male hair loss or female hair loss. We look forward to hearing about your hair loss concerns and goals!

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