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Is Rhinoplasty Painful? Does Nose Surgery Hurt?


July 25, 2023

When it comes to invasive surgery it’s normal to be concerned about feeling pain. Having a nose job, or rhinoplasty, is an invasive cosmetic procedure that involves a surgical reshaping of the cartilage and bone to enhance the appearance or function of the nose. The good news is having rhinoplasty is not dangerous; a nose job is a safe medical procedure.  

Is Nose Surgery Painful? 

To help you better understand what to expect from rhinoplasty in Turkey, we have compiled a list of commonly asked questions about this type of nose job — specifically focusing on how nose surgery might feel to you. 

We recommend before any type of invasive procedure, like nose surgery, you research what to expect during the surgery, as well as find out what side effects are considered normal, and how long you can expect to recover post-surgery

Are Rhinoplasty Safe?  

Rhinoplasty nose surgery is considered a common surgical procedure these days, as a result, it has a very low complication rate. The complication rate for rhinoplasty surgery drops even lower in relation to the years of surgical experience the rhinoplasty surgeon has.  

How to find the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Turkey? You can start by looking at Turkey rhinoplasty before and after photos online

Does Nose Surgery Hurt? 

During rhinoplasty nose surgery you should not be experiencing any pain at all. Depending on the extent of your rhinoplasty, the surgery will either involve a local anesthesia or a general anesthesia — in either case, the use of an anesthetic will prevent you from feeling pain during surgery. 

Rhinoplasty surgery is very sophisticated these days, often only a tiny incision is made inside the nostrils. For comparison, if you can tolerate the feeling of a paper cut, then you will be just fine during a simple nose job while being sedated. 

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As mentioned above, because of anesthesia you should not feel any pain during surgery. Here is what to expect after a nose job, because if you are going to feel any discomfort, it is normal to feel it after the surgery.  

After rhinoplasty surgery, it is normal to experience some swelling, perhaps a bit of nasal bleeding, bruising around the nose and below the eyes, and maybe some nasal blockage; however, these are expected side effects from a nose job and are not considered serious or terribly painful.

How Painful Is A Rhinoplasty? 

Now this might not be very scientific, but 1 day after nose surgery people rate their pain between 0 and 4 out of a score of 10 (ten being the most painful!). After rhinoplasty surgery, there will be some discomfort, as bone and cartilage settle into their new post-surgery position, skin incisions need time to heal, overall your nose will need time to adjust — feeling a little bit of pain, or discomfort (like a headache) is 100% normal.

Studies show that the majority of rhinoplasty patients feel more confident and happy with their appearance and quality of life after having a nose job. In most cases people heal quickly from rhinoplasty surgery, and are just so happy with their new appearance and/or ability to breathe more easily, they soon forget about having any post-surgery discomfort.  

Is A Rhinoplasty Painful? 

Post-surgery it is normal to experience these common rhinoplasty surgery side effects, but rest assured they don’t last long — on average, pain at any intensity will typically last only for 36-72 hours. Discomfort may increase if you hit or bump your nose. 

You might experience: 

  • Pain in your nose as skin heals and cartilage settles
  • Your nose may feel congested or stuffy 
  • You might have trouble breathing for a short time with your nose
  • The tip of your nose may feel numb or sore
  • Slight nose bleeding and drainage of nose mucus
  • You may experience a headache
  • Some temporary facial swelling may be experienced
  • You may experience mild itching in or around your nose
Before and After at Este

With any surgical procedure involving incisions and adjustments to bone the body will naturally produce a pain response; however, during rhinoplasty surgery a general (i.e., IV sedation) or local anesthetic will prevent you from feeling pain during surgery. Post-surgery, the body will naturally bruise, swell and/or bleed in the treatment area as a result of bone or cartilage being added or removed from the nose. The first few days might feel uncomfortable after a nose job, but it is not a procedure that is considered horribly painful. The most common complaint about nose surgery is the post-surgery facial swelling and nasal congestion, which is to be expected.

We recommend you have an Este Turkey rhinoplasty consultation to determine what type of surgery you will require to reach your health and beauty goals (i.e., open rhinoplasty surgery or closed rhinoplasty surgery). 

Everyone’s pain threshold is different. Some people are just naturally more sensitive than others. Also the extent of your rhinoplasty surgery may also impact how much discomfort you feel, or how long it takes you to recover from rhinoplasty nose surgery.  

The best thing you can do to feel more confident about this treatment is to book a rhinoplasty consultation to discuss your concerns and expectations. Maybe having a non-surgical rhinoplasty is better suited to your beauty and aesthetic goals? Contact Este Medical to find out which treatment is best suited to you!   

What To Expect After Nose Surgery 

Este Medical in Istanbul, Turkey has an excellent reputation for having the best rhinoplasty surgery team, and most kind and friendly clinic staff, as well the Este Turkey clinic location is in a vibrant, charming part of Istanbul on the European side of the city.

After your rhinoplasty surgery, the Este Medical surgical team will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions to help you recover as quickly as possible. How long rhinoplasty recovery will take varies from person to person, and it will be helped along if you follow the aftercare guidelines given to you by your rhinoplasty surgeon.

Here’s an average rhinoplasty recovery timeline: 

  • Initial rhinoplasty recovery phase can last about 7-10 days
  • You should be able to get back to work or attend social events after 5-7 days
  • The majority of post-surgery swelling and bruising often subsides within a week
  • In the first few weeks of recovery avoid vigorous activities, and try not to touch your nose (e.g., avoid blowing your nose aggressively)
  • Six weeks after your rhinoplasty continue with your self-care, as nose tissue is still healing 
  • Fully recovering from rhinoplasty can take up to 12 months, as the nose settles into its final shape
  • Contact Este Medical to discuss having a nose job in Turkey 

Choose Este Turkey For Rhinoplasty Surgery 

Let us help you answer this question: How do I know if I need a nose job? Send us a message through our website to book a professional rhinoplasty consultation with one of our surgical experts. 

We have performed countless rhinoplasty procedures — Este Medical surgeons have the experience and skills to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your Turkey nose job!

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