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Is Rhinoplasty Safe? Is a Nose Job Dangerous?


May 18, 2023

Rhinoplasty nose surgery is exceedingly safe, and as with all cases of invasive surgery you can expect some recovery time and standard side effects. After a nose job, it is normal to experience some swelling, perhaps a bit of nasal bleeding, bruising around the nose and below the eyes, and maybe some nasal blockage; however, these are expected side effects from a nose job and are not considered serious in nature.

The two most common reasons for rhinoplasty surgery are to improve or correct an issue with your nose. One might have to do with breathing issues, and the other might be purely aesthetic or cosmetic. A surgical rhinoplasty procedure can alter the look of your nose, for example, it can change your nose size, improve your facial symmetry, lift the tip of the nose, correct a nose bump or depression on the nose bridge, as well as fix wide or flared nostrils.

Is Rhinoplasty A Safe Medical Procedure?

Yes, surgical rhinoplasty is considered a safe medical procedure. Nose jobs have become a common cosmetic procedure, and the complication rate for nasal surgery is low. The complication rate for rhinoplasty surgery drops even lower in relation to the years of surgical experience the rhinoplasty surgeon has. Studies show that the majority of rhinoplasty patients feel more confident and happy with their appearance and quality of life after having a nose job.

Where Is The Best Place To Have Rhinoplasty?

Where you decide to have your rhinoplasty treatment will depend on several factors including cost, country and clinic reputation, online ratings, and surgeon experience.

Popular destinations for rhinoplasty surgery include Turkey, as well as South Korea, India, and Thailand. For Americans and Europeans, Turkey might prove more accessible and relatable than the other destinations. Overall Turkey has a solid ‘surgery tourism’ reputation, especially when it comes to hair transplants for men and cosmetic surgery for men and women.

Turkey is considered an affordable and safe place to have a nose job. Este Medical has a clinic in Istanbul, and our skilled surgeons have many years experience performing surgical nose job Turkey treatments.

How to Find The Best Rhinoplasty Surgery in Turkey?

It has been reported that over 1.2 million foreigners visited Turkey for medical procedures in 2022 — the majority of those trips to Turkey were for cosmetic procedures. Traveling to get ‘work done’ is not considered taboo or high risk these days; with online reviews by patients and reputable websites and news outlets reporting patient feedback, it is much safer and easier to evaluate and choose a medical clinic or cosmetic clinic in Turkey.

Here are tips on how you can find the best nose job clinic in Turkey! 

For starters, when it comes to any kind of nose surgery it is important to: 

  • Do your research and ask lots of questions
  • Visit medical clinic websites; check for client testimonials 
  • Check online reviews and cosmetic clinic ratings 
  • Book a surgery with a reputable Turkey clinic

When it comes to the price, having rhinoplasty in Turkey is considered more affordable compared to the USA or Europe for instance.Travel to Turkey for a nose job is popular several reasons, including: 

  • More affordable prices
  • Package deals including flights and accommodation
  • High-quality treatments and first-class customer service
  • Ultra-modern surgical technology
  • Highly-skilled surgeons

Do you want to discuss having rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey at our 5-star Este Medical clinic, then send us a message through our website to get started on your journey!

Have a look at these Este Turkey rhinoplasty before and after photos as well. 

Sumaya Before and After Rhinoplasty at Este
Annie Before and After Rhinoplasty at Este
Isabella Before and After Rhinoplasty at Este

Let Este Be Your Guide To Having A Nose Job In Turkey 

Looking for more information about Turkey rhinoplasty surgery? 

Have a look! We created a helpful rhinoplasty guide that has information about:

  • How long does rhinoplasty take to heal?
  • How to recover faster from rhinoplasty?
  • Is rhinoplasty worth it?
  • Why choose Este Medical for nose surgery in Turkey? 

If you have additional questions about having a nose job in Turkey, then send us a message through our website to book a rhinoplasty consultation.

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