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How Can I Treat Alopecia Hair Loss?
How Can I Treat Alopecia Hair Loss?


June 14, 2024

Treating alopecia hair loss is more doable than you might think. The first step is identifying the specific type of alopecia you are experiencing. Alopecia can manifest in various forms, including alopecia areata, androgenic alopecia, frontal fibrosing alopecia, or traction alopecia.

With the right diagnosis, you can start an alopecia treatment plan tailored to your needs and start your journey towards hair regrowth and renewed confidence.

Este Medical Group is the leading provider of alopecia hair regrowth treatments that work

Discover Este Turkey Alopecia Hair Treatments Available to You 

Explore the range of Este Turkey alopecia hair treatments and take the first step towards restoring your hair. Arrange a consultation at an Este hair loss clinic near you and empower yourself with the best hair loss solutions for your hair regrowth journey.

At Este Medical, we know from experience that the sooner you start addressing your hair loss from alopecia, the sooner you will experience new hair growth! 

Best Alopecia Hair Treatments 

Is there a cure for alopecia-related hair loss? Fortunately, there are effective treatments that can help you recover and regain your confidence.

Options include PRP and stem cell hair injections, laser hair regrowth therapy, and in some cases, a Turkey hair transplant for hair restoration.

Each of these treatments offers a path to relief from the challenges of an alopecia condition.

A highly effective non-invasive treatment for alopecia hair loss is Laser Hair Growth Therapy, which is FDA-approved for treating androgenic alopecia.

At Este Turkey, we have a strong track record of using laser light hair restoration to address alopecia symptoms such as circle bald patches and thinning hair. Laser light therapy is versatile and can also be used to enhance the success rate of hair transplant surgery.

PRP Micro Hair Injections (i.e. platelet-rich plasma shots) are a game-changer when it comes to overcoming autoimmune alopecia. This innovative therapy uses healing plasma extracted from your own blood and micro-injects it into your scalp.

PRP stimulates and reactivates weak hair follicles, promoting the growth of thicker, healthier hair. By getting to the root of many hair loss conditions, PRP and PRF offer a powerful solution for those struggling with alopecia.

One of the most promising treatments for alopecia is Stem Cell Therapy, a fascinating application of regenerative medicine. This cutting-edge approach utilizes specialized cells from the human body to restore hair follicles.

Stem cells possess the remarkable ability to repair and rejuvenate both hair follicles and scalp tissues. Acting as natural repair agents, they address the root causes of hair loss, promoting the growth of healthier, stronger hair. This innovative therapy offers a revolutionary solution for those seeking to cure alopecia and regain their hair.

Another option to address long-term hair loss from alopecia is a targeted hair transplant, which is a surgical procedure. Most hair loss experts will recommend laser, PRP, or stem cell therapy before considering a DHI or FUE  hair transplant.

In cases of alopecia, hair transplants are most suitable for individuals whose hair loss has remained unchanged for several years.

Schedule an Este Medical hair loss treatment consultation to discuss which alopecia scalp and hair treatment or hair transplant procedure is best suited to your unique case of hair loss.  

Why Este Medical is Your Best Choice for Alopecia Hair Treatments

Contact Este Medical if you are coping with alopecia or any other type of autoimmune disorder affecting your skin and hair. Our extensive client testimonials and success stories, complete with alopecia before and after photos, will give you a better understanding of what to expect from our comprehensive alopecia hair restoration treatments.

Don't wait for your alopecia to resolve on its own; effective treatments are available from Este Medical Group. Take actionschedule an Este Medical alopecia hair loss consultation now.

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