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Different Nose Types: Get The Nose You Desire With Rhinoplasty Nose Shape Surgery


August 11, 2023

There are many different nose shapes in the world, from the button nose shape, the Grecian nose to the bulbous and hook nose for example.

Several nose shapes can be described as ‘classic’ or harmonious in shape, while others are unfairly criticized as being unattractive nose shapes.   

Thinking of altering your nose shape? Discover the benefits of having rhinoplasty in Turkey.

What Is The Perfect Nose Shape? 

Perfection or attractiveness is usually subjective; for instance, one person might find a Tinkerbell nose adorable, and another person might find it obnoxious. 

Societal and pop culture trends also have an influence on what people find attractive when it comes to nose shapes. For example, once supermodel Bella Hadid rose to international fame her nose shape became one of the most sought-after nose shapes requested at cosmetic clinics around the world.    

More often than not, the most attractive nose shape is one that is in harmony with other facial features. An attractive nose is one that is in balance with the eyes, cheeks, and lips. When it comes to looking attractive, facial symmetry plays a big part. 

However, even if someone has a good nose shape, they may want a more ideal nose shape, or a nose that is more in fashion. With rhinoplasty and septoplasty nose surgery being so advanced these days, men and women can make subtle or dramatic changes to their nose to suit their aesthetic and beauty goals.   

The ideal nose shape is the one you want. And at Este Medical we will support you on that journey to have your ideal nose. Whether you want it straighter, more turned-up, or smaller, our experienced Este Turkey nose surgeons can help you sculpt and refine your perfect nose! 

Book a nose job consultation from our Este Medical clinic in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Let’s talk about some different nose shapes, ethnic diversity in nose shapes, and nose surgery options and considerations. Having a better understanding of these things will help you decide if having surgical rhinoplasty is the best way forward for you! 

Popular Nose Shapes for Men and Women 

The ideal nose shape style may differ between males and females. At the risk of sounding stereotypical, men and women do tend to make specific requests when it comes to reshaping and altering their nose shapes. 

Women tend to want ‘cute’ nose shapes, for instance the button shaped nose, Tinkerbell nose, an upturned nose, or a petite ‘pixie’ nose. This doesn’t mean women can’t choose other nose shapes. At the end of the day, any ‘ideal’ female nose shapes should be in balance and in harmony relative to overall facial proportions.  

Men often request rhinoplasty to achieve the classic Roman nose shape (i.e., aquiline nose shape). Check out Ryan Gosling to see the Roman nose effect! Another popular nose shape for men is the Greek nose, as it is considered the straightest. Historically the name is from the look of noses from sculptures of Greek gods. If you need a modern reference, have a look at George Clooney’s nose. Men tend to like nose shapes that look strong and powerful, and deliver a sharp, well defined facial profile. 

There are many types of nose shapes, and many of them are considered attractive. The best way to figure out which type of nose shape is most suitable for your face is to arrange an Este Turkey rhinoplasty nose shape consultation. Our skilled surgeons have the experience and tools to advise you best on the most ideal nose shape to suit your facial structure.     

Find out why you should choose Este Medical Group in Turkey for rhinoplasty! 

Ethnic Diversity in Nose Shapes

Is nose shape by ethnicity a real thing? Yes, apparently our genetics can affect the shape of our noses. Nasal dimensions and shapes can vary between ethnic groups, and nasal variations around the world have been genetically influenced by human adaptation to climate change and environmental factors.

Men and women from a variety of ethnic backgrounds may exhibit unique nose characteristics that are influenced by genetics and climate. For instance, African, Asian, and European noses often have distinctive variations in bridge height, width, and nostril shape.

So, if you have a wide Nubian nose, surgery can narrow it. Have a crooked European nose? Surgery can make it straight. If you have a narrow Asian nose, then surgery can help to broaden it and create more harmony on the face. Is your genetically bulbous nose bothering you, then a nose job can beautify it! Regardless of your ethnic background or family genetics, non-surgical and surgical rhinoplasty can help you get the nose you want

At Este we are all about embracing nose diversity. We know every person has a different and unique journey to achieve their aesthetic and beauty goals. Contact us to discuss what type of nose shape you want, and let’s get you started on your journey to Istanbul for your ideal nose.  

What You Should Know About Rhinoplasty Surgery 

A rhinoplasty nose job is very safe; it is not considered a dangerous surgery. Rhinoplasty is cosmetic nose surgery that can reshape the nose, specifically it can alter the size, the shape, bridge height, nose tip, as well as fix wide nostrils.

There are two types of rhinoplasty: 

Open rhinoplasty, which typically involves surgery outside the nose, with an incision on the columella (the fleshy part between the nostrils). 

Closed rhinoplasty, which focuses surgery work and incisions hidden in the nose.  

Other types of rhinoplasty that can be a focus of cosmetic nose surgery are:  

Ethnic rhinoplasty, which is a customized surgery that addresses unique ethnic features to better enhance the final outcome of the final nose shape. 

Revision rhinoplasty, which is usually to correct a previous unsatisfactory rhinoplasty (i.e., corrective rhinoplasty).  

Does Septoplasty Change Nose Shape? 

Common reasons for rhinoplasty surgery are to improve and/or correct a concern with the nose. One reason for rhinoplasty might have to do with breathing issues, and another might be purely for cosmetic appearance. A surgical rhinoplasty procedure will alter the look of your nose, for example, it can improve facial symmetry, correct a nose bump or depression on the nose bridge, as well as change your nose size and nostril shape. 

Septoplasty nose surgery on the other hand is more concerned with improving nasal functioning in relation to breathing and overall respiratory health. This type of nose surgery can fix a crooked or deviated septum, which should improve breathing issues. 

During a septoplasty and rhinoplasty consultation, Este Turkey will determine which nose job procedure is best suited for you.

CEO Sam's Before and After Results

What To Consider Before Nose Surgery 

Like with any body or face cosmetic surgery, it is important to set realistic expectations. Just because you want a Greek nose like Jennifer Aniston doesn’t mean you will suddenly look like Jen post-surgery.

Make time to have a nose shape consultation to discuss your rhinoplasty goals and concerns. Make sure you are in good physical and mental health for surgery and recovery. For example, prior to surgery have you made arrangements back home to get help with housework, or have you booked some time off work to recover? 

This brings us to nose surgery aftercare, just as important as the surgery element of your nose job. We advise you to make plans for downtime, as after a nose surgery you may experience some swelling and bruising, all of which are natural side effects from having a nose job. It is important to make time to heal and be comfortable after a nose operation. 

To better help you understand what to expect after nose surgery, we have created this valuable medical resource: How Long Does Rhinoplasty Take to Heal? 

Why Choose Este Turkey For Rhinoplasty? 

At Este in Turkey, we understand your desired nose shape comes down to personal preference. Whether you are addressing your personal appearance or breathing issues, you will find that having a nose job is worth it if you are unhappy with your nose shape ( well if you have trouble breathing through your nose properly).  

Rhinoplasty and septoplasty are two of the most common cosmetic procedures for the face, and with the proper Este Medical aftercare your recovery will be a success! The great joy with having rhinoplasty nose shape surgery is the results are permanent. Contact our Turkey Este Medical clinic to book your surgery for your forever nose today!

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