FUE Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair transplant techniques today have improved to new heights with the ability to recreate the natural density and the natural looking hairlines. When the time comes for a patient to undergo a hair transplant procedure or having a hair restoration of their natural hairline restored prior to hair-loss, there is one widely used hair transplant method currently being offered —  FUE Hair Transplant Surgery in Turkey.

Expert hair transplant surgeons in the Este Medical Group network provide FUE. What is FUE? It stands for (Follicular Unit Extraction) and is the most advanced technology currently available in the field of hair transplant and hair restoration. The benefits of FUE in Istanbul is that the recovery is almost overnight, there are NO scalpels, NO sutures and No staples and NO Linear Scars involved because there is no cutting of the patient’s scalp.

Why FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE has the advantage of giving the practitioner the flexibility of obtaining any number of grafts necessary to bring the density per centimeter to its natural count, thus creating a more natural looking hair transplant and density. With the FUE, since there are no scalpels or cutting of the skin involved, FUE gives the flexibility of obtaining donor grafts from any part of the body, such as the chest, back, arms and legs for those patients who lack a sufficient scalp donor region.

What are the benefits of FUE?

  • NO scalpels, NO staples, NO sutures.
  • NO linear scars in the back of the head or temples.
  • Minimally invasive.
  • Natural looking hairlines.
  • Flexibility in hairstyles.
  • Obtaining more grafts in a single session.
  • Faster recovery period.
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