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Eyelid Lift in Turkey

At Este Medical Turkey, we offer many anti-ageing and cosmetic treatments which improve the appearance of the eye area, facial features and skin condition. Blepharoplasty or eyelid lift surgery Turkey treats hooded eyes, droopy eyelids and eyebrows, overall improving the appearance of the eye area making it look younger and more vibrant.

As we get older, the skin of our eyelids stretches and sags, and supporting eye muscles start to weaken. As a result, the eye area can gather excess skin, and wrinkles and skin folds become more apparent. Eyelid drooping can also negatively impact facial symmetry and vision.

Eyelid surgery focuses on removing excess skin and fat from the eyelids and around the eye area as necessary to create a more lifted, balanced and revived appearance. Blepharoplasty delivers permanent results, and is a solid long-term treatment option compared to fillers or injectable eye treatments.

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Why Choose Este Medical Turkey? 

Our Este Turkey medical team of certified plastic surgeons all have a minimum of 10 years' work experience. We encourage you to get in touch with our Este support team to arrange a professional consultation. Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) will lift the eye, specifically the lids, making a big difference in your personal appearance. An eyelid lift will open up the eyes, making your eyes look more vibrant and alert, and your face look younger and healthier.

Eyelid Lift Surgery Benefits

Eyelid surgery Turkey procedure can address many issues, including vision trouble, lack of facial symmetry in the eye area, droopy tired looking eyes, lumpy eye bags, prominent skin folds and deep wrinkles, as well as hooded eyes and excess fatty skin around the eye area. Here are the blepharoplasty benefits you can expect, depending on your desired outcome and beauty goals:

  • Improved facial appearance - look younger and more alert
  • Permanent results – long-lasting outcome
  • Minimal scarring - hidden incisions in natural skin folds  
  • Better sight - improved peripheral vision
  • Gets rid of eye bags - smoother under eye area
  • Eyes are more symmetrical and balanced

While you are in Istanbul, Turkey for eye surgery, this is an ideal opportunity to have another face rejuvenating procedure done at the same time. Get in touch with Este to find out what other anti-ageing treatments pair well with an eye lift.

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How Does Eyelid Lift Surgery Turkey Work?

Depending on how invasive your particular procedure is, a local or general anaesthetic will be used during the surgery. Minor incisions are made along the eyelid crease in the natural fold of the eyelid to prevent visible scarring. Excess skin and fat are removed, and the incisions are then closed and sealed with dissolvable stitches.

The procedure is similar for lower lid surgery. The results are long-term, and for many clients, will last a lifetime. Blepharoplasty is considered a safe and effective procedure with an incredibly high success rate.

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