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What comes to mind when you think of hair loss? Many individuals associate thinning hair or hair loss with male pattern baldness. However, eyebrows and facial hair can also fall short to hair loss.

There are several reasons why an individual may be unable to grow eyebrows or facial hair, including genetic predisposition, burns, or surgery. With entirely understanding their options for treatment, many patients opt for laser hair removal. After consulting with the top hair transplant clinics in Turkey, they fully understand they can revive eyebrows and facial hair.

This hair loss treatment is most common for the upper lip and chin area — typically in the areas where men grow mustaches and facial hair. It can also be performed on beards, sideburns, and even eyebrows.

Why Eyebrows Are Important

If your eyebrows are thinning or completely gone, you might think about the following factors and consider eyebrow transplants for your facial hair restoration.

  • Appearance: There’s something inherently odd about a face without eyebrows. If you feel self-conscious about your bald brow, eyebrow transplants can help normalize your appearance.
  • Expressivity: Eyebrows are an important aspect of communication. Virtually every expression that the human face makes involves the eyebrows in some way. Eyebrow implants can help make your face easier to read.
  • Eye Protection: The eyebrows are also important for protecting your eyes. Eyebrow hair provides an important line of defense against sweat, water, and anything else that might otherwise get into your eyes.

Facial Hair Transplants

Many men take facial hair for granted. If you have difficulty growing facial hair or are experiencing hair loss for whatever reason, consider the following types of facial hair transplants.

  • Mustache: Mustaches have made quite a comeback in recent years. If you’re eager to grow a thick mustache, or if you wish to complete a full beard, connect with us.
  • Beard: It’s very common for men to grow patchy beards. Facial transplant surgery can easily fill in the blank spots of your beard and help you achieve the full-bearded look you’ve always wanted.
  • Sideburns: Whether you want standalone sideburns or sideburns that connect to your beard, our hair transplant surgeons can help.
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