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Minoxidil for Hair Loss: Using Minoxidil with Other Hair Growth Treatments


February 9, 2024

Minoxidil is synonymous with hair growth, and for good reason.

Commonly prescribed to address issues such as pattern baldness and hair thinning, it provides remarkable benefits for both men and women experiencing hair loss.

Minoxidil hair loss medication comes in a few different forms: oral tablet, topical liquid and foam. Minoxidil for hair loss treatment has been available since the late 1980s. Since its introduction, it has become a widely used and proven medication, available both over-the-counter and through prescription, for supporting hair growth. 

If you are unfamiliar with this popular hair growth medication, and would like to learn more about minoxidil, then continue with our guide below. Before we get started, it’s probably helpful to know that minoxidil is the generic form of Rogaine.

What You Need To Know About Minoxidil For Hair Loss 

Does Minoxidil Regrow Hair? 

This is one of the burning questions on the minds of everyone coping with hair loss. Yes, minoxidil has been shown to regrow hair by reactivating the growth of hair follicles and prolonging the growth phase of your hair.  

How Does Minoxidil Work? 

Minoxidil hair growth studies show that it does help to regrow hair. As a non-invasive hair growth solution, minoxidil helps to stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles, providing more oxygen, nutrients, and growth factors. This helps to nourish hair follicles and prolong the growth phase of existing hair (i.e., the anagen phase), leading to increased hair density and thickness over time. For optimal minoxidil results you may need to use it regularly for 2 to 4 months before you can see results. 

Este Medical Group is a trusted and leading authority on hair restoration methods. Book a consultation with Este to talk about if minoxidil is the best treatment for your specific type of hair loss

How Is Minoxidil Scientifically Effective? 

Minoxidil for hair loss is effective with science-based reasons, including:

  • Vasodilation: Minoxidil is an effective vasodilator, meaning it widens blood vessels. Applied topically, minoxidil enhances blood flow to hair follicles, which ensures an increased supply of oxygen, nutrients, plus essential growth factors.
  • Increase in Hair Growth Phase: Minoxidil is linked to an extended anagen growth phase of the hair follicle lifecycle. This helps to support thicker and longer hair.
  • Potassium Channel Opening: Minoxidil drug is linked to aiding with potassium channel opening (PCOs) which influences hair growth.

It's worth mentioning that individual responses to minoxidil may vary, and its effectiveness may depend on factors like the cause of hair loss, the stage of hair loss, age, and physiology. We recommend you arrange a consultation with an Este hair loss expert before starting any hair growth treatments. Let us help you find out if minoxidil is right for you. 

How To Use Minoxidil 

As mentioned, there are minoxidil tablets, as well as topical minoxidil foam and liquid. You can also combine minoxidil hair care with professional non-invasive hair loss treatments like PRP, PRF and laser hair therapy, and of course, derma rolling

When applied directly to the scalp, minoxidil can be in the form of either a topical liquid or foam. Topical solutions are liquid formulations applied directly to the scalp, while foam minoxidil formulations (i.e., aerosol-based) offer a lighter alternative. Numerous studies support the effectiveness of topical minoxidil in promoting hair growth and increasing the size of hair follicles. 

In addition to topical applications, low-dose oral minoxidil has also been explored in studies and has demonstrated effectiveness. However, oral minoxidil is often prescribed and you should only take it under the care of hair care experts who have experience with using minoxidil. Before using oral minoxidil you should consult with your doctor or a hair loss expert. 

Is Minoxidil Safe? 

When used as directed, minoxidil is considered safe; however, individuals are advised to consult with a professional to ensure its suitability and discuss any potential side effects.

A hair loss consultation is the perfect way to talk about what options are available to restore your hair successfully — find out which minoxidil solution is best for you! 

Do you have questions about taking minoxidil? Send us a message to book a consultation with an Este Medical professional who has experience with administering minoxidil.  

Top Hair Restoration Treatments To Combine With Minoxidil 

If you are looking for no surgery hair growth treatments, then minoxidil could be a great place for you to start. Conversely, you may use minoxidil before and after a hair transplant surgery. 

But, let’s stay focused on non-invasive hair regrowth methods. If you want to learn more about Este Turkey hair transplants have a look at the extensive collection of guides on hair grafting and the intricacies of undergoing a hair transplant in Turkey available on our Este Medical blog

Here are Este Medical’s best hair loss treatments ideal to combine with minoxidil treatment:

  • PRP hair injections: micro injections of concentrated platelet-rich plasma into the hair follicles to stimulate and reactivate dormant or weakened follicles to produce thicker and healthier hair.
  • Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) scalp and hair injections: the second generation of platelet-rich hair growth therapy. Find out how PRP and PRF differ
  • Laser light hair growth therapy: proven treatment that uses low-level laser light to stimulate the scalp’s hair follicles to trigger new hair growth and reduce hair loss. 
  • Derma Rolling: Handheld hair loss derma rollers deliver targeted microneedling to the scalp. Microneedling to the scalp stimulates hair growth factors and helps to regenerate the health of hair follicles. 
  • Hair loss shampoo: Este Medical Group hair loss treatment shampoo is now available. Order Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo directly from Este. You can also look into minoxidil shampoo UK options using Google. Este’s Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo is an advanced complex of clinically proven ingredients that help with hair loss, including: keratin, Procapil, biotin, niacin, ginkgo, folic acid, ginseng, and provitamin B5.

Choose Este Medical Group To Halt Your Hair Loss! 

We hope our guide to minoxidil has answered any lingering hair growth questions, such as 'Does minoxidil work?' with an affirmative response — yes, it works!

Minoxidil has established itself as an effective solution for promoting hair growth and addressing thinning or lost hair.

At Este Medical, we possess extensive experience in treating both women and men with minoxidil, and we confidently regard it as a reliable option on the journey to restore and enhance hair growth.

Act now! Get started using minoxidil and schedule an Este Medical Group hair care treatment today.

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