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How To Fix Missing Teeth
How To Fix Missing Teeth


June 21, 2024

Why fix missing teeth?

There are many reasons why making it a priority to replace missing teeth with dental implants or dental bridges is essential.

Beyond the impact on your appearance, missing teeth can significantly affect your oral health and general wellness.  

Here are several critical reasons why you should consider cosmetic dentistry to fill any gaps where teeth are missing.

Top reasons to replace missing teeth with dentures, tooth implants, or bridges: 

  • With tooth gaps and exposed gums, bacteria can get into the bloodstream and cause problems in other parts of the body. 
  • Missing teeth can cause you to chew with pain and prevent swallowing properly.
  • A full set of teeth will allow you to communicate more clearly without awkwardness.
  • Unfortunately, too many damaged or missing teeth change the pressure exerted on the remaining teeth and the mouth itself. 
  • Missing teeth can impact overall oral health and lead to additional tooth decay and gum disease.

If you are missing teeth and experiencing pain while chewing, frequent illness, tooth decay, or gum infections, we strongly recommend consulting with a dentist about replacing cracked and missing teeth immediately.  

Dental Treatment before and after result

Dental health is crucial to your overall wellbeing and should be part of your daily personal care routine. Missing teeth can also affect self-esteem and confidence. By opting for cosmetic dentures or dental implants, you can improve the aesthetics of your smile and restore correct dental function. 

Este Medical Group's cosmetic dental services in Turkey are highly regarded, and Este Turkey has stellar client reviews on Trustpilot. Este Medical is proud to maintain a 5-star customer rating and be thought of as a trusted provider of effective solutions for dental restoration.

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How Do Missing Teeth Affect The Rest Of Your Body? 

Missing teeth can lead to more than just aesthetic issues; they can impact your entire body. Without proper chewing, you may experience poor digestion and nutritional deficiencies. Additionally, gaps from missing teeth can cause remaining teeth to shift, leading to misalignment, jaw pain, and even headaches, affecting overall health and wellbeing. 

The dental experts at Este Medical in Turkey understand the physical and emotional strain missing teeth can cause and are ready to provide effective solutions to restore your quality of life.  

Este Cosmetic Dentistry Before and After Results 

Look at the remarkable results Este Turkey clients have experienced with our cosmetic dental work in Istanbul. 

Why Choose Este Turkey To Restore Your Smile? 

Our dedicated Turkey dental surgeons will create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. By using advanced techniques and technologies, Este Turkey will help you achieve a natural-looking, fully functional, and radiant smile. 

Addressing missing teeth can improve your oral health and restore your ability to eat, speak, and smile with confidence. 

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