Non-surgical Nosejob

Did you know there is a non-surgical alternative to rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey? Although traditional surgical approaches can be successfully used to treat the majority of cosmetic and reconstructive nasal problems, Este Medical Group Clinic in Istanbul uses a non-invasive method with a high degree of patient satisfaction.

If you are interested in this leading procedure at Este Medical Group Clinic, a thorough evaluation and discussion about your goals and expectations are the first step. In our clinic, there a variety of nasal configurations that can be effectively managed using this approach.

Common reasons to choose non-surgical rhinoplasty versus surgery:

  • Minor nasal irregularities
  • Asymmetries
  • Small nasal hump
  • History of previous rhinoplasty with irregularities or deficiencies
  • No time for recovery from standard rhinoplasty
  • An individual who want to see the potential result without committing to a surgical approach.

How Does Non-Surgical Nose Job Work

The doctors at Este Medical Group Clinic perform a non-surgical nose job in Turkey in under 30 minutes. A topical anesthetic is applied to numb the skin. There is very little swelling or bruising following the procedure.

Injections of small amounts of a new type of filler are put into the face. This is delivered with a fine needle deep beneath the skin, so it sits between the muscle and bone. The location of where the filler is applied depends on the shape of the nose. Most patients return to work right after. The most common fillers used are Radiesse and Restylane.

As a prospective patient, it is important to recognize that given the complexity of the nasal anatomy, effective outcomes require an in-depth knowledge of the natural nasal shape. Our Este Medical Group Clinic team’s judgment and expertise in the nose and surgical rhinoplasty, allow us to translate that experience in order to create a look that is natural and cosmetically enhancing using the non-surgical rhinoplasty approach.

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