Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair Transplant

Hair restoration at Este Medical Group in Turkey is becoming more popular and technology has made the procedure pain-free. Este Medical Group offers advanced hair loss treatments performed by highly experienced doctors and technicians who always put your interests and wishes first.

To find out whether hair transplantation in Turkey is a good solution for you, it’s important to understand what hair loss entails. Ask us how hair loss is defined? What causes hair loss? Is there a difference between male and female hair loss?
At Este Medical Group, we offer high-quality hair transplantation using innovative treatment techniques. The medical team uses specially-developed medical tools and followed an extensive internal training program.

New Techniques for Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Our number one objective with hair transplant surgery in Turkey involves a commitment to creating new cosmetic standards in the field of hair restoration. Our second goal is to discover and develop new therapies and treatment methods that aim at enhancing the efficiency of medical interventions, improving the customer service for our patients, and reducing treatment costs.

To achieve these goals, Este Medical Group engages in fundamental research and on-going education.

Hair transplantation Turkey offers new techniques that are completely safe and painless — performed only by experienced physicians. Thanks to our recent innovations, we’ve been able to take it one step further and no longer require that the patient shaves his head, such as U-FUE.

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