Fat Transfer

Have you ever looked at your body and wished your proportions were different? With the help of our plastic surgeons at Este Medical Group in Turkey, fat is removed from one area where you don’t want it, purified, and then replaced in another area where you want to add curves or fullness — also known as Fat Transfer.

Fat transfer offers several benefits over using implants or manufactured fillers:

  • Long-last results that can last for many, many years without requiring a touch-up. Transferred fat is living tissue, and when it settles in its new location, it continues to function normally for its lifetime.
  • Minimal scars are produced, with no visible scars at the site of injection.
  • Results look, feel and move naturally.

Fat Transfer in Turkey

Fat transfer in Turkey is a highly customizable surgery that requires considerable skill and experience to achieve great results.

Fat is removed from the pre-determined areas using liposuction. In addition to taking away unwanted fat, your plastic surgeon will sculpt a smoother, natural shape to the area. The fat is placed in a special machine that purifies it, so the cells are more likely to survive once placed. The fat is then injected in the area(s) you have chosen to enhance (buttocks, hands, breasts, or face).

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