Eyebrow Hair Transplant Turkey

Do you suffer from patchy or thinning eyebrows? As eyebrows are a prominent feature of our face, it can make many of us feel self-conscious if they are not how we want them to be. As men and women get older, their eyebrows can thin naturally and also look irregular because of other reasons such as scarring or illness. Eyebrows also help to balance our faces and can define our eyes.

As we age, hair loss and thinning hair can be something many of us assume, but we can help you reclaim stronger and thicker hair growth with our facial hair transplant. Our expert surgeons in Istanbul, Turkey, can deliver an eyebrow transplant to help even things out. The result is natural-looking eyebrows that look healthy and full whilst helping to create a younger-looking appearance.

Whatever your cause for hair loss, we can help you reclaim your natural-looking eyebrows with our eyebrow hair transplant. Get the aspired look and reclaim your confidence.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant Turkey 
FUE Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey 

How Does an Eyebrow Transplant Work?

At Este Medical, we use the FUE technique for our eyebrow transplants. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. It is a minimally invasive treatment involving our specialist hair surgeon using hair from a ‘stable zone’ commonly located at the back or side of the head; the hair for eyebrow transplants typically needs to be more delicate.

The site of the hair that is used to correct the area of concern is called the donor site. If you are bald or balding and are concerned about hair being removed from your head, it is also possible to use chest hair as a donor site.

Benefits of FUE Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey

Eyebrow FUE Transplant gives the practitioner the flexibility of obtaining any number of grafts necessary to bring the density per centimetre to its natural count, thus creating a more natural-looking hair transplant and density.

With the FUE, since there are no scalpels or cutting of the skin involved, FUE gives the flexibility of obtaining donor grafts from any part of the body, such as the chest, back, arms and legs, for those patients who lack sufficient scalp donor region.

So many people choose to travel to Este Medical Group for their hair transplant in Turkey because we work closely with our other 11 clinics worldwide so that patients can receive the quality of service experienced at their local clinic at our Turkish hospital.

  • No scalpels, no staples, no sutures
  • No linear scars
  • Minimally invasive
  • Natural-looking hairlines
  • Flexibility in hairstyles
  • Obtaining more grafts in a single session
  • Faster recovery period

Este’s Hair Transplant Process

Consultation & Pre-Treatment at Local Clinic

If you’re interested in finding out more about our hair transplant in Turkey, the first step to take is to book a free consultation at your nearest Este Medical Group clinic, or online for the locations we don’t have a clinic yet. We have clinics around the UK, as well as worldwide.

Then, we’ll assess your hair loss, the causes and symptoms, and the hair regrowth needs you may have. We’ll then use a specialist camera to determine the extent of your hair loss and confirm if a hair transplant is suitable.

After we have confirmed and booked your surgery at our Istanbul clinic, you’ll undergo hair regrowth therapy to stimulate and prepare your scalp for the surgery.

Transplant Surgery in Turkey

All travel and accommodation will be arranged to ensure you are happy and prepared for your journey to Turkey.

When you arrive in Istanbul, Turkey, our friendly team who speak English will greet you. Before the surgery, we’ll make sure you are comfortable and resolve any worries you may have.

First, our surgeons will locate and extract the hair grafts from a suitable area of your head or body, ready for your hair transplant later in the day. You will be awake and comfortable during the surgery when our experienced surgeons insert each hair follicle into your scalp, beard or eyebrows.

Aftercare & Check-Ups at Local Clinic

After the hair transplant, you can go about your daily business as usual. Most hair transplant patients enjoy looking around Istanbul or having a bite to eat at local restaurants.

When our surgeons are happy with the results, you’ll receive regular aftercare at your nearest clinic. This ongoing aftercare includes specialist hair washing, maintenance, laser hair regrowth therapy and other help depending on your situation.

If you need any help or advice post-hair transplant, every patient is rest-assured that they are not on their own. This ensures that the best results are achieved post-treatment and that you are happy with your new head of hair.

The Best Eyebrow Hair Transplant in Turkey

Out of 3,000 clinics in Turkey, Este Medical was named the best!

Este Turkey won the Turkeys #1 Hair transplant clinic 2021′ award over other clinics due to our high quality of care, service, professionalism, results, and aftercare. We do FUE hair transplants differently from other clinics; we are not a factory and carefully take each patient’s hair growth journey. A good doctor is crucial because it must be precisely inserted when a follicle is placed into the skin. It will not break the skin if it is too deep, causing in-grown hairs. It’s not just the treatment that you’re paying for, and it’s the experience of the surgeons we provide at Este.

We want each patient to get the correct time spent on the care and precision by our surgeon. Before the hair transplant, patients have Laser Hair Therapy to stimulate the blood flow, so the scalp is prepared for the best chances of hair growth after the surgery. We also carry out laser hair therapy after the hair transplant to stimulate hair growth, maximising the opportunities of restoring your hair loss.

  • Back to Work in 1-2 Days
  • 24/7 Contact & Aftercare UK
  • Certified Surgeon & Private Clinic
  • Free Consultation & Hair Analysis
  • Airport-Hotel-Clinic Transfers Arranged
  • 98% Transplant Success Rate!
  • We offer Fixed Prices on treatments
  • Our treatment is 100% Pain-Free!
  • We have English speaking staff

What Our Customer Says..


Is This Treatment Right for My Type of Hair Loss?

A hair transplant might not suit your hair loss type, so we offer non-surgical hair loss treatments that can work better in some cases. For example, mild hair thinning may be more suitable for laser hair regrowth treatment than a hair transplant offering you the same results without a transplant.

How Long After Treatment Can I Start to Style My Eyebrows Again?

After four weeks, we advise the use of skincare and make-up. If you begin styling your brows too soon after treatment, it can block the pores and cause ingrown hairs.

What Do I Need to Do Post-Surgery?

At Este Medical Group, we are passionate about giving you the best treatment you can get – Which extends past the initial treatment into high-quality, ongoing aftercare. Our consultants will discuss with all aftercare during your consultation.

It takes around six months for the new strands to settle fully and be seen at their best. The transplanted eyebrows generally come from your head hair; trim them often. We can discuss this simple maintenance at your nearest UK clinic during your free consultation.

How can eyebrows transform your face?

Appearance: There’s something bizarre about a face without eyebrows. If you feel self-conscious about your hairless brow, eyebrow transplants can help improve your appearance.

Expressions: Eyebrows are an essential aspect of communication. Almost all expressions that we make as a human involves our eyebrows.

Protection: The eyebrows are also crucial for protecting your eyes. Eyebrow hair provides an essential line of defence against sweat, water, and anything else that might otherwise get into your eyes.

How Long Will I Start to See My Hair Grow Back?

It will take 6-12 months to see the hairs grow back thick. We can discuss this further during your free consultation.

Do I Need to Take Time Off Work?

Between 2-5 days after your operation, you can return to work, and within 2 to 3 weeks after surgery, the transplanted hair follicles will fall out. You should then notice new hair growth within a few months – which will last.

The general healing period takes around 5-10 days for all redness and swelling to subside.

How Much Does an Eyebrow Transplant Cost?

The cost depends on the area of transplantation and the hair loss we are dealing with. We can also provide accommodation and transfers, so book your free consultation or call us to discuss our price further.