Breast Implants

Do you wish to increase the size or shape of your breasts? Do you feel you were born with naturally small breasts that are out of proportion with the rest of their body?

Breast augmentation in Istanbul has become one of the most popular procedures within our plastic surgeons at Este Medical Group — the top medical group in Turkey. Our leading providers are comprised of board-certified plastic surgeons who serve patients across the globe.

Breast augmentation, otherwise known as breast enlargement is a surgical procedure that uses saline, silicone or cohesive gel implants to increase the size, fullness and shape of a woman’s breasts.

Ideal candidates for breast augmentation in Turkey are in good health both physically and mentally — and hold realistic expectations for the procedure and potential outcome. The most important step in your breast augmentation journey is finding the right board certified plastic surgeon. We encourage you to connect with us to set up a consultation with our expert plastic surgeons.

Why Breast Implants Turkey?

There many different options available to you in terms of breast implant size, shape, composition, and placement. What’s best-suited for you will in big part be determined by your height, weight, body frame and overall size.

Silicone implants are being used more often now for several reasons, however, many women choose them because they have a thicker shell and a thicker gel inside. One of the biggest pluses with silicone implants is they provide patients with a more natural look and feel than saline implants do.

The implant can be inserted either under or on top of the pectoralis muscle. The muscle provides soft tissue coverage and helps shape the upper portion of the breast. Placing an implant under the muscle is beneficial for women who do not have a lot of natural tissue because it can provide a more natural appearance. However, if you have a good amount of breast tissue or choose the softer saline implant, your surgeon may suggest placing the implant on top of the muscle.

As with placement, there are two different incision styles. The implant can be inserted through a small incision at the lower border of the nipple area (called the areola) or through a small incision in the fold under your breast (called the inframammary crease).

Women considering breast augmentation should keep in mind that an initial consultation is necessary before the actual surgery is scheduled. The initial consultation gives patients the chance to talk about their treatment goals and any concerns and allows you to learn more about the types of breast implants that are available and determine the best treatment options.

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